Natural BUFF ASUS Routing Race Speed 2019 ROG New Product Release

 Natural BUFF ASUS Routing Race Speed 2019 ROG New Product Release

Adhering to the belief of only for surpassing, ROG products always lead the industry trend. This time, many solutions including PC games, host games and mobile games have been released, including RT-AX89X and RT-AC95UMESH routers for Wi-Fi6 competitive routers. At the same time, there are many high-quality products of AiMesh networking series.

In his speech, Asus Global Chairman Shi Chongtang mentioned that in 2006 Asus founded the ROG Player Country brand, and we also started the ROGs amazing winning journey. Players are the core of ROG brand. In 2019, with the rapid development of the electronic competition industry and the new peak of the global electronic competition market, ROG firmly believes that only by strengthening the deep integration of software and hardware, can we create multiplier power for players. With the strong support of the global media and many players, ROG has become the worlds number one player in many game hardware markets.

With the advent of a new era, daily life is increasingly inseparable from the Internet. New applications such as B station/dithering short video/4K/online games emerge in endlessly. Clients such as mobile phones are updating rapidly, and people are demanding higher and higher wireless networks. The new generation Wi-Fi6 technology with the characteristics of high-speed, low-latency, intensive user scenarios and Internet of Things is more suitable for ultra-high-definition video, video games and interconnection of all things, and provides users with a better network experience in the indoor (office or home).

Todays electric race master is RT-AX89X, a Wi-Fi6 electric race route with BUFF network speed. The price is 5999 yuan. Its circular fuselage is equipped with eight high-gain shark fin antennas, which resemble UFO alien electric battleship in appearance; it uses Qualcomm 4-core 2.2G high-speed professional processor with dual-frequency concurrency rate up to 6000M, supports 8x8MU-MIMO+OFDMA, high-frequency and high-bandwidth electronic throughput capability, and brings vivid immersion game experience; RT-AX89X has 8,000. MLAN is equipped with a 10,000 Mbps network port plus a 10,000 Mbps optical fiber port to build a more efficient and stable network transmission platform for network players!

Wi-Fi6 is not the end of 802.11ac, on the contrary, it has considerable potential. At this conference, ASUS released another AC3000-level new AIMesh product, RT-AC95U, which is a large-scale wireless coverage solution. It is equipped with three Gigabit LAN ports and one USB 3.0 port, and the ports are marked by color. Support independent 5GHz or 2.4 GHz AIMesh, support wired and wireless backhaul, make your distributed network more robust and efficient, enjoy the WIFI experience without dead ends.

With the improvement of peoples quality of life, it is common to live in large apartments. In view of the fact that most domestic buildings are steel-concrete structures with limited wireless power, conventional networking has been unable to meet the needs of large household users for coverage and competition everywhere. AiMesh Intelligent Distributed Networking is a large-scale solution for Asus Network. It can flexibly network any different Asus routes and build a high-speed distributed system with wide coverage and zero dead angle; AiMesh uses a single SSID, intelligent switching to support seamless roaming, when you swim in the hand, even if you need to transfer positions, it will not affect your pleasant game experience.

Come to the family experience area of the electric competition, comfortable living room, with 4KUHD (3840x2160) resolution, 1000 NITE HDRROG SWIFTPG65UQ giant screen electric competition display is very conspicuous.

WiFi 60,000 Mbp Race ROGT-AX11000 with AURARGB lights beside it has built-in WT-fast game acceleration port, special Race Port and GameWIFI, which can bring the game player an extremely smooth Carton-free game experience. Whether it is video games or video entertainment, it can bring a very shocking visual effect.

RGB lights shine brightly in boysstudy, all kinds of electronic equipment gather together, the atmosphere of the game is full.

ROGGT-AC2900 stands proudly, upright and rigid vertical fuselage, in contrast to the AURARGB slide effect, more show your demeanor. Built-in GameBoost Game Accelerator Engine + UU Game Accelerator plug-in, host/mobile/PC game all-round acceleration, can be described as a combination of hard and soft, game-all.

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