Anxiety, depression, panic disorder, when these symptoms come how to deal with? This method works.

 Anxiety, depression, panic disorder, when these symptoms come how to deal with? This method works.

2 Soon it will go away.

Come on, you wont die! Come on, come on! Wait a minute and its gone!

Acceptance and calmness are the best ways to make the symptoms disappear as soon as possible. The more we fight, the more painful we are. Presumably, you already have this experience!

Symptoms are like a bitch. The more you quarrel with a bitch, the more he quarrels with you, and the more he quarrels with you, the more he quarrels with you.

And the same is true of our symptoms. The more you fight to get rid of it, the more it wont let you go and make you feel bad all day!

Next, give yourself spiritual comfort, which is the above mentioned four suggestive words. Together: Attitude and spiritual healing, then your symptoms will be much lighter.

Every time symptoms come to practice like this, practice more, you will no longer fear the symptoms on your body, for a long time, you can live in a rational mental world, like a normal person, no longer be entangled by symptoms, because you have already got rid of the entanglement of symptoms in habit and spirit.

Then when its over, pacify yourself with mindfulness.

The so-called mindfulness is to think about and look forward to something beautiful and upward. Is that not what one said? Life abuses me thousands of times, and I treat life like first love.

Life needs to continue, life needs to continue, how can we easily be defeated by some tests in life? Were not sick, were just in a bad mood. We can go after exciting life.

I want to cheer up, I want to blossom up! So these mindfulness is one of the sources of motivation for you to live.

Im not sick or calamity. What am I afraid of? What am I worried about? But its just the psychological role of worship! Life is wonderful! I still have a lot of wonderful things to do!

3. I will be fine, because I have no problems, but temporarily in a downturn, people can not always be unlucky! I am very clear about my problem, allow myself to fall down for a period of time, slowly self-help, I can come out, from today on self-discipline! A beautiful tomorrow awaits me!


Author: Aqiu, a national second-level psychologist, a convalescent with severe depression, an emotional psychologist and author of the book Out of the Devil of the Heart. A bedside book to assist in the treatment of anxiety and depression.