Whether a man loves you or not depends on the three manifestations of a quarrel.

 Whether a man loves you or not depends on the three manifestations of a quarrel.

It is said that womens most desperate state is calm, and I think the end of a relationship is to stop quarrelling.

Fighting does not mean not love. Sometimes it is a way of communication. And ah, quarrelling also has a role in judging whether the man loves you or not.

I think, when you look at these three points in a quarrel, you basically know whether the man has you in mind.

Yesterday morning, my girlfriend called me downstairs to accompany her for breakfast. Listening to her sobbing voice, I knew she must have had a fight with her boyfriend. She ran downstairs without makeup.

As soon as she pulled it out, an imperceptible smile flashed across her face. Then she pouted her mouth and picked up the phone and said, What for? On the other end of the phone was her boyfriends voice: Dont be angry, you locked the door back. Im going out to look for you, but I cant get out. Listening to her boyfriends words, she burst out with a chuckle: Anyone who says I cant unlock the lock from outside, youre neurotic.

She hung up the phone and the burglar looked at me and said, Would you like to eat with me?

I dont want it. Its such a mess without makeup that I cant be seen by unfamiliar people. So I decided to get out of the car and go home. I could not help laughing as I watched her leap away.

Of course, if you meet a man who really loves you, then I hope you will cherish him, take turns apologizing, and occasionally give him some steps, which is the best way to love a person.

Xiao Qis ex-boyfriend is a man with a very hot temper. Many times when I saw a quarrel, he spoiled Xiao Qi and shouted. I dont think such a man would treat Xiao Qi well when nobody else is around.

Sure enough, Xiaoqi said, the most terrible thing for her boyfriend is that she slaps herself and smashes the wall with her hand after every angry moment. She is especially afraid that one day her boyfriends fist will hit herself.

I especially want to tell Xiaoqi that her worries are not wrong. According to the survey, many men who have the habit of domestic violence like to start with themselves. Because men who cant control their emotions will become more and more violent.

In fact, there is no principled contradiction between couples. No matter how angry the man who loves you is, he will still have residual reason in his mind.

If this man is very cruel to himself now, I advise you to leave quickly. I really dont want your news to appear in the social news one day. At that time, you really cant cry.

Many girls ask me if its better for a man who doesnt talk when hes quarrelling. Of course not. You know, cold violence is actually more terrible, because it destroys your heart and your spirit.

Think about it. Youre so angry that youre dying. The other person just doesnt talk, plays with his cell phone and puts on a loving look. Would you collapse?

Whether physical violence or cold violence, this man will do this to you is not love you, the personality of the world are different, but the people who love you have a common characteristic, is afraid of your sadness.

What is the reason for the quarrel? I think it should be to solve the problem. But many times, couples or couples just quarrel for the sake of quarrel, the real problem is not solved at all, and they are always escaping.

Feifei said that her former boyfriend was fierce every time he quarreled, but really calm down to solve the problem. He added, I dont want to quarrel with you, or well all calm down for a while. Whats more, the boy will say, you go and talk to your girlfriend or something, the boy or girl is OK, anyway, I dont want to quarrel with you.

I dont understand the brain circuitry of this kind of man very much. If you really dont want to quarrel, dont quarrel at the beginning. Its clear that the quarrel is over. Its time to solve the problem. You pushed the contradiction to me again. Isnt that a double standard?

Love is not only sweet, most of the time love is full of contradictions, especially into marriage, into life, you must face many problems together. So, dont go with a man who always escapes. Such a life, you will only get tired more and more, and eventually, there will be a day of complete collapse.

To be with a positive person who is willing to work with you to solve problems, face ups and downs in life together, and face those difficulties together. Only in this way, your life will be better and better, and you will be happy.

To love sensibly and boldly, you are entitled to the best happiness.