My uncle and his girlfriend were blackmailed for more than 2.4 million yuan four years after opening a room one night.

 My uncle and his girlfriend were blackmailed for more than 2.4 million yuan four years after opening a room one night.

Things have to be said four years ago. One summer night in 2015, his wife went to his sons house to bring his grandson. Old Chen, who was about to retire, was idle at home. He searched for people nearby by mobile phone and added a married young woman as a friend. He learned that the other party was a forensic doctor and felt very attached. Soon after, the two agreed to meet, and then a relationship took place. But after that, female forensic doctors are reluctant to give up. How can such a good thing be done without a penny? Old Chen helplessly gave her several hundred yuan.

Old Chen thought it was over. Who thought a few days later, the female forensic doctor went to Lao Chen again and said that he had a urine test in the hospital. The result of the test was pregnant. He asked Lao Chen for 3500 yuan for the cost of abortion operation and nutrition. He was afraid of the incident and gave the cash directly to the female forensic doctor. Later, the female forensic doctor contacted Lao Chen constantly, demanding the nutritional and medical expenses of abortion. Because of his face, Lao Chen was hard to speak, and the requirements of female forensic doctor were met every time.

By 2017, Chen had given the other party more than 30,000 yuan, and then refused to give any money to the female forensic doctor. At this time, the female forensic doctor began to threaten Lao Chen one after another: If you dont give me money, I will open up our relationship, and I will go to your unit to make trouble. I will accuse you of rape, let you lose your reputation...

Afraid that things will fail, not only the reputation will be discredited, but also affect family harmony, forced to continue to meet each others requirements. People warned against the Modern Express that Lao Chen owed a lot of foreign debt and even thought of ending the matter by suicide, but failed to solve the problem. He had no choice but to confess to his family.

The family members immediately reported the case and assisted Sheyang police to arrest the female forensic doctor together. In the process of inquiry, police in Sheyang County Public Security Bureau found that the female forensic doctor was a counterfeit, and she was nervous, suspected drug addicts, and then she underwent a urine test, the results showed that the woman was a drug addict.

After investigation, the woman Zhou Mou (a pseudonym) had been dealt with twice by the public security organs for drug abuse. Finally, the police combined with the victims clues, through technical means to collect evidence of Zhou Mous crime. During the four-year period, the woman extorted the victim Lao Chen by various threats, abuse and intimidation, totaling more than 2.4 million yuan, which was the most expensive one-night stand. At present, the criminal suspect Zhou Mou has been approved by the procuratorial organ for arrest. Police here remind the masses that online dating should be cautious, if blackmailed, should be the first time to call the police.

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