Two men pretend to be policemen catching lyrics: middle-aged people coming out of the pedicure shop are guilty

 Two men pretend to be policemen catching lyrics: middle-aged people coming out of the pedicure shop are guilty

Stop! We are the police, because of your prostitution, we will detain you! On hearing this, Laoding, who had just come out of the pedicure shop, was stunned. Fearing that his family would know about it, he rushed to withdraw 10,000 yuan to two police officers before leaving. In fact, these two men are not police at all, but cheaters. Recently, the Peoples Procuratorate of Qinhuai District of Nanjing City has prosecuted the two men.

Modern Express reporters learned that in August 2018, Yang Zhi bought a police officers card shell from a stall and made an appointment with his friend Li Jun to find a target. When they passed a pedicure shop, they saw a man aged 40 or 50 coming out, followed him for several blocks and stopped him.

After revealing the false cover of the police officers certificate, Yang Zhi and Li Jun threatened to say, Whoring prostitutes is not only a fine, but also a detention and notification to family members. Sixty-seven people have just been arrested. Laoding feared that his family would know about the matter and pleaded constantly to confess his punishment as long as he did not detain him and did not inform his family. Yang Zhi and his wife consulted their superiors on the pretense and then told Laoding that they could be exempted from administrative punishment, but in addition to a fine of 5,000 yuan, they also had to pay a bail of 5,000 yuan. Laoding then withdraws 10,000 yuan in cash and gives it to two people, who then let it go. Subsequently, Yang Zhi received 7,000 yuan and Li Jun 3,000 yuan. Later, Laoding thought about it and felt something was wrong. He reported the case to the police.

According to the criminal suspects, they think that men aged 40 or 50 are not young and more family-friendly. If they enter or leave foot clinics, whether they have sex with prostitutes or not, they are certainly afraid of being known by their families. They are using the victimspsychological blackmail. Even if the victims do not give money, they have no loss.

At present, the procuratorate of Qinhuai District has prosecuted Yang Zhi and Li Jun on suspicion of fraud. Yang Zhi has been sentenced to seven monthsimprisonment and Li Jun to six months imprisonment.

The prosecutor reminds us that in handling cases, the judicial organs have strict law enforcement procedures and standardized legal documents. They will not ask for or receive money. Work documents will record the names, photos and units of staff members. If there are doubts about the identity of staff members, they should report to the police in time to verify, so as to avoid allowing criminals to take advantage of them. (The characters are aliased)

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