A 30-year-old man made 21 consecutive 110 calls at his neighbours house: my uncle sent me home

 A 30-year-old man made 21 consecutive 110 calls at his neighbours house: my uncle sent me home

Hello? 110? I cant find my home. Come and see me home! Recently, Suqian Shuyang 110 Command Center frequently received such a call. However, to the surprise of the police, it was not a child who could not find a home, but an adult man who called for help. Modern Express reporters learned that after receiving 21 alarm calls from each other in a row, the police rushed to him. What makes people speechless is that this man is in his neighborhood, only a wall away from his home.

Gao Mou stood at the door of his house and called the police to send him home.

I cant find my way home now! According to Shuyang County Public Security Bureau 110 reception center, two days ago, 110 police officers received such an alarm call. Although the voice in the phone obviously sounded like an adult man, for safety reasons, the first time the police officers said they would contact the police to pick him up.

However, before the police officer could ask the other persons residence, the man on the phone asked impatiently, When is the police station coming?

Subsequently, in communication with the man, the police officer found that the other party was in his neighbours house, and said that if there were no special circumstances, he could open the door and go home by himself.

Unexpectedly, the normal answer to the police officer, but it seems to anger the other side, the man began to constantly abuse the answer officer on the phone, and dialed 21 alarm calls, seriously occupying police resources.

Finally, 110 pick-up officers handed over the address provided by the other party to the police station of the jurisdiction. Police at the police station soon found the man, Gao Mou, 30. On that day, he and his friends were drinking at their neighborshouse. They drank three jin of liquor. After getting drunk, they began to call 110. The police introduced that Gao Mou was taken back to the police station to sober up and deal with it further.

At present, Gao Mou was detained for 10 days by Shuyang police for suspected provocation.

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