Police couple beatings: husband suspended for 30 days and man detained

 Police couple beatings: husband suspended for 30 days and man detained

Hengyang womens detention center director couples beat people Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau responded (source:)

On the evening of July 15, a beating incident happened in front of Dadi Hotel in Hengyang High-tech Zone, which aroused public concern. The leaders of the Hengyang Municipal Committee and the municipal government attach great importance to it. On the basis of the preliminary investigation of Huaxing Police Station, on July 22, they decided to form a joint investigation team composed of the Hengyang Municipal Committee of Political Science and Law, the Municipal Commission of Discipline Supervision and the Municipal Public Security Bureau to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the beating incident. The details of the incident were ascertained by referring to the police station files, inquiring the parties involved in the case, the policemen handling the case, and consulting the monitoring data.

On the evening of July 15, Zhang Peng (Deputy Director of Huangshawan Police Station of Shigu Public Security Bureau), Gong Linya (Director of Municipal Womens Detention Center, Zhang Pengs wife) and friends Tang Mou, two families with children (a man and a woman, both 7 years old) and Xiao Moubei (a woman), had dinner in different hotels. At the end of the dinner, Gong told Xiao Moubei that a strange man kissed Tang Mou (girl) face. The two children identified him as the man who kissed Tang Moubei when he was dining at different hotels that night (the legal representative of Hunan Senbang Garden Construction Co., Ltd., who was in a state of heavy drinking). After Gong Linya knew the situation, he questioned him. He suddenly kicked Gong Linya to the ground without any defense, then knocked Xiao Moubei to the ground, and then continued to chase Gong Linya, knocked Gong Linya down and sat on her body, hit her head. Zhang Peng, who arrived at the scene from the box on the second floor, first punched his friend Peng Mou. He Guowei was then seized and knocked down. He Guowei was beaten on his back. After he was knocked down, he kicked him several times, which made him unable to fall to the ground. Subsequently, Zhang Peng turned to find Peng Mou and hit him a few more punches.

After forensic identification, He Guowei, Gong Linya, Xiao Moubei and Peng Moubei all suffered minor injuries.

According to the survey, Gong Linya and Zhang Peng had dinner together with friends that day. There was no problem of invitation or public money to eat or drink, nor did they drink alcohol.

According to the investigation and the opinions of the Joint Investigation Group, the relevant departments dealt with the persons responsible for the 7.15 incident according to the law.

He Guoweis imbecility and improper behavior after drinking were the causes of the whole incident and assaulted Gong Linya, Xiao Moubei and others. Huaxing Police Station, in accordance with the provisions of Article 43, paragraph 2 (3), of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, imposed administrative detention on him for 15 days and a fine of 1,000 yuan.

Zhang Peng learned that his wife Gong Linya had been beaten and stopped him, but kicking him again after he fell to the ground was an excessive deterrence. Zhang Peng has been listed as the object of investigation for the proposed Deputy cadres of Shigu Public Security Bureau through organizational procedures and has been publicized. After the incident, the Shigu Public Security Bureau has cancelled its promotion qualification; on July 21, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau decided to suspend Zhang Peng for 30 days; on July 24, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Municipal Discipline Supervision Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with Chinese People Article 45, paragraph 2, of the Supervision Law of the Republic of China provides that Zhang Peng shall be given a warning and punishment for government affairs.

To persuade Peng to fight, Zhang Peng and Gong Linya took the initiative to apologize to Peng Mou and obtained Peng Mous understanding.

Relevant departments will also investigate and deal with other responsible persons in the course of handling the incident in accordance with the law and regulations.

Reversal of the beating by police couples: the beater kisses the girl forcibly and beats first

Recently, some netizens posted that Gong Mou and his wife, the director of Hengyang Womens Detention Center in Hunan, beat people, which aroused great attention of public opinion. On July 23, upstream journalists confirmed from authoritative channels that the video of police beating people circulated online was only a clip. Earlier, the beater He Mou once kissed Gong Mous son and female classmates face by dint of alcohol. When Gong Mou went to theory, He Mou hit people first.