The muddy water method failed: Gukong reported 5 successive shares of Anta rose 10 consecutive times

 The muddy water method failed: Gukong reported 5 successive shares of Anta rose 10 consecutive times

After several confrontations, Antas share price has risen ten times in a row

Since July, there have been several confrontations between Hunshui and Anta Sports, and journalists from Daily Economic News have made continuous reports. In the first empty report, Hunshui believed that Anta secretly controlled more than 40 of the 46 first-class distributors, and the total sales of the secretly controlled distributors accounted for about 70% of Antas brand sales. Most of these distributors claim to be Antas subsidiaries.

In the second short sale report, Muddy Water pointed the finger at the companys major shareholders, believing Anta sold assets cheaply. According to the report, Anta Sports sold Shanghai Front Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Front Line) for 187.4 million yuan in 2008, of which 181.4 million yuan was used to pay Antas accounts receivable to Shanghai Front Line, that is, the actual transaction price was 6 million yuan. Anta Sports also strongly denied the accusation.

But the muddy water is still unswerving, and more empty reports are coming. In the third empty report, Hunshui accused Anta of lying about ownership of FILA stores, investors can not rely on FILAs finance, Antas finance is totally unreliable; the fourth empty report is a summary of previous allegations of Hunshui, referring to Anta Sports lie in succession; and in the fifth report, Anta Sports lie in succession. Muddy Water will focus on Antas seemingly largest third-party supplier, We believe that Anta will shift costs from its production entity to that supplier.

At present, in front of the performance of Anta Sportss ten consecutive rises share price, the five short selling reports of muddy water seem to be of general power. Although it listed its record in its fourth short-selling report, all companies that had been short-selling in muddy waters would deny all charges without exception. In addition, muddy water has short 14 Chinese companies, of which six have delisted, one has been suspended for five years, two have been bought at a premium by management, and two have lost more than 90% of their shares.

Many agencies give buy ratings

The hard means of foreign short-selling institutions such as Hunshui are obvious to all in the industry, and the stock market is their key target of sniping. There are many tragic cases in the short-selling history of Chinas stock market: in November 2011, the mass media listed on Nasdaq at that time caused its share price to plunge by 40%, and then, Hunshui issued one after another. Four empty reports. Finally, in May 2013, Focus Media completed its privatization and delisting; on June 23 this year, Bonitas issued a report questioning Bostons financial fraud, false transactions and other issues. The next morning, the companys share price fell more than 20%, setting a record of 6 billion yuan evaporated in an hour.

It is noteworthy that on July 22, Anta Sports issued a bulletin showing that sales of Anta brand and other brand products continued to grow strongly. It is expected that the operating profit (on the basis of comprehensive benchmark) in the first half of the year will increase by no less than 50% year-on-year, and that shareholders should account for the profit (on the basis of comprehensive benchmark, after considering the loss of the joint venture company) will increase. Not less than 25%.

However, Cheng Weixiong added to the Daily Economic News that it is not expected that the empty institutions will die down. At present, Antas reply is only a resolute denial, but for the questions raised by the empty institutions, the company actually needs to refute from the substantive evidence, and only the pale text announcement is not enough. u3002 In addition, after all, the growth of Chinese enterprises is not long, there are inevitably some business defects in the process of growth, but from the main direction, (Anta) has been growing rapidly, but also in the rapid correction.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Wang Honggui_NF7326