First exposure of Liu Qiangdongs case: the woman once said on the spot that sexual behavior is voluntary

 First exposure of Liu Qiangdongs case: the woman once said on the spot that sexual behavior is voluntary

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U.S. police released details of Liu Qiangdongs recording of sexual assault (source:)

Photo Source: Visual China

On July 24, Minneapolis police released all the files of the Liu Qiangdong case (case numbers 18-293415 and 18-294338).

Because of the sensitivity of case information, file files are not published on the public network. The daily economic journalist sent an e-mail to the Minneapolis Police Department database and received a reply from Officer Eld John. He was granted access to the database for documents related to the case.

The contents of the file include PDF, video and audio formats. The main contents are as follows.

1. On August 31, last year, three 911 phone records were filed on behalf of the university staff and female student Liu XX.

2. Liu Qiangdong received a telephone recording of police inquiries in English for about 30 minutes.

3. There are 9 surveillance videos and 21 high-definition photos on campus, restaurants and hotels.

4. Short message records between female students and several friends;

5. Four police dispatch and inquiry reports, the longest one up to 149 pages.

Photo Source: Police release elevator room surveillance photos

Liu Qiangdong was sleeping soundly when the police entered the room.

According to the alarm, the police received a report from Liu XXs male friend, saying that the girl sent a short message to tell herself that she was forced to have sex by Liu Qiangdong.

Reporters said Liu Qiangdong was still sleeping in his room. Although the police could not fully identify the Chinese text messages of the reporters, they rushed to the hotel to get out of the police.

Police officers said that when he and his partner entered the apartment room, Liu Qiangdong was sleeping in bed, wearing a T-shirt, naked below the waist.

Considering that someone reported rape, there was only one man in the room, Liu Qiangdong, and he was not wearing pants in the lower half of his body, we decided to take out the handcuffs and torture him.

The police inspected the strength of the handcuffs and assisted Liu Qiangdong with his partner to put on his pants and socks, take them to the back of the police car and search them.

According to police observation, Liu Qiangdong was shocked by the sudden situation and insisted that he had done nothing wrong. Liu Qiangdong also gave some information to the police officers on the spot (the document was erased), but out of consideration of his marriage relationship, Liu Qiangdong did not provide more details.

Without evident evidence, the police quickly released Liu Qiangdong.

The police officer who rushed to the scene wrote in his report.

After on-site investigation, it is not possible to determine whether the rape alleged by the informer actually occurred.

Photo Source: Police release elevator room surveillance photos

The woman once said on the spot that sexual behavior is voluntary

Reporters from the Daily Economic News (Nbdnews) noted that two police officers who had spoken to female students confirmed that the woman had changed her testimony at the scene.

According to the first police officer, he checked the passport information of the female student who was allegedly the victim and asked her what had happened. The student answered, I was raped, but not in that sense. (I was raped but not that kindofrape)

The police officer then asked her to clarify the situation in detail, but the girl student began to change the subject. She stressed to the police that Liu Qiangdong is a very well-known person in China, and she feared that she would encounter great trouble when she returned home in the future.

The officer then seriously pointed out to the lady that rape was a very serious incident in the United States and that if anything happened, the police would spare no effort to help her. The girl said she didnt want the police to do anything.

The policeman then asked her if she had explicitly refused to say No in the course of having sex with Liu Qiangdong.

The girl initially answered yes, but later changed her name to sex as spontaneous. Since then, the girl has repeatedly stressed that she is in good condition, harmless, voluntary and does not need any help from the police.

Another police officer also confirmed that the girl stressed that sexual activity was voluntary and she did not need any help from the police and the hospital. The policeman examined the girls arm and found no wounds or fighting marks.

Each side insists on one word and the woman changes her words to change hexagrams

A 30-minute telephone recording was included in the file released by the police. At that time, Liu Qiangdong was in China and was interviewed by Minneapolis police via Internet phone.

Liu Qiangdong recalled that they sat together at Origami Restaurant for dinner in a good atmosphere and played jokes on each other.

Liu Qiangdong told the police that after he entered the apartment, the girl apologized for the room being too messy, and then took the initiative to put hot water in for a bath. Liu Qiangdong said he was shocked when the police entered the room because they had enjoyed sex.

Photo Source: Police release elevator room surveillance photos

Liu Qiangdong said,

I couldnt understand the situation at all. Then the woman talked to the police for about 30 minutes. When she came back, she told me, This is a huge misunderstanding.

Police questioning records showed that although the female student involved had said at the scene that there was no forced sexual behavior, she completely changed her previous statement when she was interviewed by the police.

The woman said in the police station that she was drunk in the restaurant and felt something bad had happened at one time, but she continued to be there out of trust in Liu Qiangdong.

The woman said that after entering the room, Liu Qiangdong began to force her into the bathroom to accompany her to take a bath. She tried to escape without success and was pushed aside by Liu Qiangdong, forcibly taking off her clothes and bras.

Photo Source: Police released photos of apartment corridor surveillance

The woman claimed that Liu Qiangdong took off her underwear in the bedroom, forced her legs apart, and suppressed her arms and shoulders so that she could not resist.

Although at the scene, the police said no evidence of the crime was found, the woman told the police that Liu Qiangdong had completed her in-vitro sexual activity after hearing her unwilling to be pregnant request. She later tried to use bed sheets to preserve Liu Qiangdongs body fluid evidence.

The woman asked for an apology and said she had suicidal tendencies.

In the police questioning, the girl involved had made a clear appeal for apology.

They came to ask me if I would go to court to sue, and I said I didnt know. They told me,

If you want, you can ask for Liu Qiangdongs apology and some money compensation, which is justified.

The woman disclosed to the police officer that she did not know what to do and only hoped to get an apology first.

But then the woman said, Everyone is telling me that it is necessary to seek monetary compensation. The police officer then explained to the girl the difference between criminal and civil proceedings.

Photo Source: Police released photos of apartment corridor surveillance

Police released a record of the womans mobile phone text messages, the girl said to a domestic friend, She does not want to be Liu Qiangdongs lover. After the incident, she said she was caught in panic and anxiety, revealing suicidal tendencies, but because of worrying about her parents at home, she forced her spirit.

Liu Qiangdong case 149 pages of police files published involving kissing naked sleeping ducks bath

On July 24, local time, Minneapolis police released all the evidence about Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong. In the 149-page file of Liu Qiangdongs suspected sexual assault, the contents include records of interviews with Liu Qiangdong and other parties and witnesses. The records show that Liu Qiangdong claimed that the woman had invited herself to her new apartment on her own initiative, and that they had kissed in the car. At the same time, they also bathed with mandarin ducks after returning to the apartment and slept soundly after sexual intercourse. Hours...

Lawyer Liu Qiangdong: Denying False Reports and Rumors

On July 25, the Mingzhou police today released 149 pages of police files on Liu Qiangdongs suspected sexual assault, including records of visits to Liu Qiangdong and other parties and witnesses. In response, lawyer Liu Qiangdong said that this proved Liu Qiangdongs innocence once again.