Foreign Media: The International Swimming Federation has promulgated new rules prohibiting athletes from making improper actions

 Foreign Media: The International Swimming Federation has promulgated new rules prohibiting athletes from making improper actions

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Overseas Network, July 25, according to several foreign media reports, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) recently promulgated a new code of conduct to prohibit athletes from making improper acts against other athletes at award ceremonies and press conferences.

The new code of conduct was promulgated on 23, Yonhap quoted relevant sources as saying. The International Swimming Federation (FINA) said that the guidelines applied to all FINA athletes and others and prohibited any political, religious and discriminatory acts. Reuters also cited the Times on May 25 to confirm the news. According to the report, FINA has added a clause to its code of conduct requiring swimmers to strictly avoid any offence or improper conduct against officials, other competitors, team members or spectators throughout the competition.

Earlier, Australian Horton and British Scott refused to take photos with gold medalist Sun Yang at the awards ceremony. Sun Yang accused Scott of being the loser in English when he retired, and the three were warned by FINA.

Later, American athletes such as Lily King and some other media openly expressed their support for Horton and Scotts actions, and there were also some criticisms against Sun Yang and FINA. An Australian media said that under the new rules, swimmers who spoke out against FINA would be deprived of their medals.

In response to some Western media reports that Sun Yang did not cooperate with the doping test incident, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has published a long article Tingsun Yang. The article pointed out that those who questioned Sun Yang Qingbai did not seem to have read the detailed conclusions of an official investigation into him. In the official report, the investigation team concluded that Sun Yang did not violate the anti-doping regulations because the drug inspectors did not follow the procedure.

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on July 22, a reporter from Australia asked Sun Yang, a Chinese swimmer, to win the 400-meter championship, but the second Australian swimmer refused to go on the podium because he thought Sun Yang was suspected of taking medicine. Whats Chinas comment on this? Geng Shuang, a spokesman, responded: Strictly speaking, you are not a diplomatic issue. First, you can consult Mr. Sun Yang himself on this issue, and I understand that he has also responded to the outside world on this issue. Second, as far as I understand, in sports competitions, if similar situations occur, they should be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of international sports organizations.

After the game, Sun Yang also responded positively to Hortons refusal to go on the podium. He wanted to influence my performance on the track by doing this, but I did what I had to do. You may have some opinions about me, but the award is very sacred. You are reluctant to give it, but when you stand on the podium, you have to respect China. Sun Yang said.

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