Hong Men issued a public statement denouncing Hong Kong independence: extinguishing the evil hearts of this generation forever

 Hong Men issued a public statement denouncing Hong Kong independence: extinguishing the evil hearts of this generation forever

On the mainland Internet, a Hong Men Statement has been circulating recently, which talks about the recent disturbances in Hong Kong and severely denounces Hong Kong independence and says, Why not use Hong Mens strength to extinguish the evil hearts of this generation at this time of crisis?

As the statement was signed Chinese Nation Zhigong Party and Hong Men Chinese Nation Zhigong Culture Association in Taiwan, Global Network reporters called Chinese Nation Zhigong Party on July 24. After confirmation, the party staff told Global Network reporters that the statement was issued by the party and published in its Weixin account Taiwan. In Zhigong Party. It is entitled Declaration on Promoting Hong Kongs Stability, Harmony and Safeguarding the Territory and the People.

Taiwan Zhigong Party Wechat screenshot

The full text is as follows:

In Hong Kong todays disaster, Kun zhongshu, Hongmen of the world

Hong Men and Kun Zhong learn from each other:

The turmoil on Hong Kong Island has not been restored for decades, and it is becoming more and more serious. As Hong Kong Island is the birthplace of Hongmen in modern times, it has the greatest number of relics, inheritance and new hills, halls and organizations, and people gathering in Kunzhong all over the world. Therefore, in the name of the Hong Men Chinese National Zhigong Cultural Association, the whole world Hongmen Kun Zhongzhi was informed of the chaos.

Hong Kong Island has always been located in the South China Sea. Because of the weakness of Manchu and Qing Dynasty, it was rented by the British Empire to use the dock. After more than a hundred years, it has poured the tears and blood of my Chinese sons and daughters into Hong Kong today. In the late Qing Dynasty, our Hong Men martyrs took Hong Kong Island as their base and worked hard for generations. Finally, in 1911, they expelled the Tartars and restored China. Today, Kun Zhong of Hong Men in Hong Kong is a relic of that time, and should adhere to the wishes of that time. If todays Hong Kong Island has Xiaoxiao in the name of revising the rules, the practice of independence in Hong Kong, and even the rejuvenation of the Hong Kong British flag, this is the worlds Hong Men, Kun Zhong refused to tolerate. The flag of Hong Kong and Britain came into being in accordance with the agreement of the Qing Dynasty, and the flag of Shugang and Ying was actually restored to the agreement of the Qing Dynasty. If this was successful, where would the blood of Hong Mens martyrs be; if this was independent, where would China be inherited from China? If the name of Hong Kong Island was established as a rule, then China would be independent everywhere in the future; if the flag of Hong Kong and Ying was restored to the agreement of the Qing Dynasty, the former powers would be unequal. It seems that Hong Kongs manpower struggles for autonomy, but in fact, the hearts of the powers that had not swallowed up our Chinese nation did not die, and colonialism resurged. At this time of danger, why not take the initiative of Hong Men and extinguish the evil hearts of this generation forever? Therefore, it is advised that under the strict authority of Hong Kong Islands Triad, Safflower Club, Alliance, Brother Club, Hong Men Club, Heshenghe and other associations, they shall not organize any rallies or other actions that confuse Hong Kong Island. If there are participants, they will be disgusted by Kunzhong of Hong Men, the world. They are disdained by the Chinese people all over the world; if they take part in it, or even kill their compatriots, they will be criticized by all the Hong Men and Kun Zhong in the world. We should do our best to promote stability and harmony on Hong Kong Island, guide the public to petition in a peaceful way, and call on all parties, groups, mountains and churches outside Hong Kong Island to support Hong Kong Island and protect the people in the name of Hongmen.

With small affairs and great national righteousness, we can not disgrace the names of the Hongmen in Kunzhong unless we get rid of grievances and common beliefs. The word Jianghu Road is far-sighted. Only by this will he overcome difficulties. When he met Huangquan Road, he gave you blood and bones for wine.

There are billions of Chinese sons and daughters, billions of Chinese bones and blood, according to local conditions, each has its own demands, how can we say the same thing? If they are all traveling in riots, each shows its own way, the country will not be a country, the nation will not be a nation! Here, Hong Men also appeals to the people of Hong Kong, boxing patriotism, patriotism in Hong Kong, not for the sake of evil generations, to seek peace. Peace, the harbor of the rule of law through lawful actions!

Thus, the world Hongmen Kunzhong.

Hongmen Chinese National Zhigong Cultural Association

22 July 2019

In the introduction column of Weixin account Taiwan Zhigong Party, it calls itself the official account of the Chinese nation Zhigong Party, publicizing the Partys ideas, activities and development.

When the statement was circulated on the mainland Internet a few days ago, some netizens commented on it. Some people think that its expression pour the tears of our Chinese children, only todays Hong Kong is striking.

But at that time, some people doubted the authenticity of the pictures.

But some people also say: no matter true or false! As far as the content is concerned, these legitimate associations are really patriotic and national feelings, taking responsibility for righteousness and tracing back to history, which can be regarded as moving with emotion and knowing with reason!

World Wide Web reporter dialed the office telephone of the Chinese National Zhigong Party in Taipei on the afternoon of 24th to verify the authenticity of this statement and whether the Weixin account Taiwan Zhigong Party is the official account of the Chinese National Zhigong Party. A staff member surnamed Zhan told Global Network that it was necessary to verify the content of the official account before telling whether it was true.

After verification, the staff member told the Global Network reporter: Yes, this is our official account number. This statement was confirmed and issued by Zhigong Party of our Chinese nation.

Hong Men is an underground secret organization in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, also known as Tiandi Hui. It is also known as the three major secret associations in the Qing Dynasty, along with Pao Ge Hui and Qing Gang. On October 10, 1925, Hong Menzhi Gongtang was transformed into the Chinese Zhigong Party, and Chen Jingming was the first Prime Minister of the Party. Later, it evolved into China Zhigong Party (hereinafter referred to as Zhigong Party) in the mainland, which is currently one of the mainlands democratic parties.

Mainland China Zhigong Party introduced on its official website that it was founded in San Francisco in October 1925 by the overseas Chinese Association Americas Zhigong. For a long time, the Zhigong Party of China has struggled for national independence, national liberation and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese. It has made its own contribution in the world anti-fascist war, especially in the anti-Japanese struggle of the motherland. In May 1947, the Chinese Zhigong Party held its third congress in Hong Kong, which was reorganized. Since then, it has embarked on the road of accepting the leadership of the Communist Party of China, sincere cooperation and common struggle with the Communist Party of China. It will contribute to the victory of the New Democratic Revolution and the establishment of a new China, the socialist revolution and construction, and the promotion of reform. Liberalization and reunification of the motherland have made positive contributions.

As for the Taipei-based Zhigong Party of the Chinese Nation, it said on its official website that the history can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty Tiandihui and the Qing Dynasty Hongmen Organization.

Regarding the relationship with the Zhigong Party of China, the Chinese Zhigong Party claimed on its website that in 1925, the predecessors of Zhigong Tang established the Zhigong Party in the United States, and later participated in the political development of the mainland of China. In 2002, the Zhigong Party of China was established in Taiwan in advance and the Zhigong Party of Taiwan, China.

According to the partys official website, the Taiwan Zhigong Party of China began its preparatory establishment in 2000, was formally established in 2002, was succeeded by Chen Baiguang on December 13, 2015, and was renamed the Chinese Zhigong Party in 2017.

In addition, the party also introduced on its official website that in the face of the complex political situation in Taiwan, it clearly supported the 1992 Consensus, adhered to the one-China position, and incorporated the idea of striving for peaceful reunification of China into its Constitution, devoted all its efforts to national reunification and national rejuvenation, and actively participated in Taiwans regional elections. Pursue the opportunity of participating in, discussing and governing politics.

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