Buffan responds to the breakdown: Contradictions with the company have nothing to do with its members

 Buffan responds to the breakdown: Contradictions with the company have nothing to do with its members

Netease Entertainment reported on July 25 that the dissolution of Bufans contract with the company triggered a heated discussion. Recently, Bufan was interviewed to respond to the controversy caused by the recent dispute with Kunyin Entertainment Contract. At the same time, he said that he had not received any contact from the company so far, and there was still no progress.

In the interview, about the reasons for opening the account of Bufan Studio, he said that he did not set up a studio team, called studio just to have a convincing voice channel, and for the completely ignorant of Kunyin entertainment response, Bufan also expressed doubts, saying that I have communicated with them several times. Its been a month.

For the alleged concert fake illness, paddling, Bufan responded that he did not perfunctory work, but really sick. He had a fever during rehearsal the day before the concert and went to the hospital for drip after rehearsal. But there was an accident at the concert: The first four songs are silent, helpless on the stage, there may be some mistakes and imperfections in the middle, I can only say that I survived the concert, I tried my best. As for Kunyin Entertainments refusal to obey management mentioned in the statement, Bufan said that he had completed his work well before he proposed the termination of the contract, but he did not participate in the work because he had to carry out some legal procedures after April and had not confirmed the work arrangement.

After the termination of the contract was exposed, the Internet circulated a record of Bufans telephone conversations with staff members. Bufan was accused of bad attitude. For this, Bufan responded that he did not control his mood well and should apologize, but because he had raised more than one communication on the phone, but his opinions were not respected, so he did. It would erupt, but he clarified that he had never threatened anyone.

Finally, on the reasons for the termination of the contract, Bufan said that contradictions are full of accumulation, but this is only a contradiction between himself and the company, and has nothing to do with the members.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655