Men stunned and tied up a 15-year-old female bus driver to stop grabbing his wig

 Men stunned and tied up a 15-year-old female bus driver to stop grabbing his wig

On July 24, Mr. Liu, a 15-year-old daughter from Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, arrived at the No. 5 bus terminal of Mianyang City Bus Group to deliver a golden banner to the driver, Laining. Originally, late on July 7, 15-year-old Xiao Liu came home on a bicycle and was knocked unconscious by a man tied to a tricycle. After Laining found something unusual, he fought bravely against the man and rescued the woman. Red Star News reporter learned from Mianyang Youxian Police that the suspected man had been detained for robbery.

The girls uncle, Mr. Liu, said that his niece rode a bicycle home that evening. As a result, a man pushed his bicycle directly to the ground, then took out the steel pipe and electric baton to knock her niece unconscious, and sewed eight stitches in one wound.

_Lainings arm is still bruised

On July 24, Xiao Liu, who had been discharged from hospital, under the leadership of his parents, delivered a golden banner to Laining, a bus driver.

According to Lai Shifu, he is the driver of No. 46 bus, and has been working for 11 years. At 11 oclock that evening, he came home from work and found an electric tricycle parked by the roadside. He heard a vague Ouch call. He thought there was a traffic accident and asked if he needed help. When the other side refused, he still went into the electric tricycle to see if there were any injuries. As a result, the man took a steel pipe from behind and beat Lai Shifu, who could not escape, and blocked the steel pipe with his arm. Master Lai endured pain and wrestled with the man. Master Lai grabbed the mans hair and found it was still a wig. While fighting with the man, Master Lai shouted Help. At this time, two women came out of a residential area across the street, heard Lainings cry for help, ran over and dialed 110.

_The victims parents sent Jinqi to Laining (second left)

After two women dialed the alarm phone, at the reminder of Master Lai, they pulled open the curtain of three electric wheels and found a girl tied up and unconscious inside. At this time, Master Lai also died and pressed the man under his body.

On July 25, the Red Star journalist learned from the Youxian Police that the police station in the jurisdiction immediately arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm and searched for an electric baton from three rounds of electricity. The police then took the man back for investigation. Initial investigation, the man Lumou, Youxian District, confessed to the fact that he wanted to commit robbery. On July 22, Lu Mou was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Fortunately, I met Master Lai, who was brave enough to do justice, and then I really couldnt imagine it. Now the niece is well after treatment, but she has become silent and traumatized. We are going to find a psychologist to intervene. Mr. Liu said.

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