Gangs manufacturing and selling counterfeit Huawei mobile phones have been checked: only three steps are needed for the new machine to come out

 Gangs manufacturing and selling counterfeit Huawei mobile phones have been checked: only three steps are needed for the new machine to come out

The police seized the scene of the fake nest. All the pictures in this article are from the police.

Maintenance personnel replace old or bad Huawei brand mobile phones with counterfeit parts and repair them. Professional film-pasting personnel paste films. Packers put the phones into new mobile phone boxes and plastic-sealed them. After three steps, a brand-new Huawei mobile phone is manufactured.

Recently, police in Linan District of Hangzhou smashed up a nest where counterfeit Huawei mobile phones were produced. More than 600 mobile phones of Huawei brand series were seized, and more than 5000 old mobile phones and dismantled and assembled parts were found.

These counterfeit mobile phones are sold at the price of new products through online shopping platforms and offline communication markets, with a factory price of 1,000 yuan and a terminal price of 3,4,000 yuan. On July 25, Linan police officials told Peng Mei News that the gang had made and sold counterfeit Huawei mobile phones for millions of yuan.

Counterfeit Huawei mobile phone packages in counterfeit nests.

According to reports, in early April, Linan police found that the door of a rental house in Qianwang Street was closed for a long time during their daily visit. Initial visit confirmed that the rental room is a fake Huawei mobile phone disassembly, assembly, sale processing workshop. On April 17, Linan Police organized more than 40 police officers to seize the fake nest and 10 suspects were arrested at the scene.

According to the police investigation, the suspect Jiang Mou rented a house in Linan last October as a counterfeit spot, purchased a large number of old Huawei mobile phones and counterfeit Huawei brand accessories and packaging from other places, and hired personnel to form a pipeline production and sales model: those responsible for purchasing old mobile phones, bad mobile phones and components, and those responsible for pipelining. Line production assembly, responsible for storage and transportation in different places...

Counterfeit Huawei mobile phone accessories in counterfeit nests.

After the production of counterfeit mobile phones was completed, Jiang cooperated with others to form a chain of counterfeit crimes of fake factories + wholesale sales + e-commerce retail, and sold counterfeit mobile phones to all provinces and municipalities in the country. Less than a year later, the Gang made up millions of dollars in counterfeit sales.

At present, 10 suspects, such as Jiang Mou, have been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law on suspicion of counterfeiting registered trademarks, and the cases are being further investigated and dealt with.

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