People who have responsibilities, even if they dont love them, know how to deal with them correctly.

 People who have responsibilities, even if they dont love them, know how to deal with them correctly.

You clearly feel that he (she) doesnt love you, but you dont see him speak out, even if you ask him, he will not say.

Such a person, or because you have interests with you, your existence is also beneficial. Or its your personality and temper. Hes usually scared and dare not provoke.

Or he has no courage and no responsibility, do not want to bear the aftermath of the breakup, want to leave you cold one day can not stand, take the initiative to break up.

At that time, as long as he pushed his boat along the river, he did not quarrel and seemed to break up peacefully, and did not have to face the storm.

Do you think hes kind enough not to hurt you? Wrong, since you choose to love others, even if you dont say it, it is already a kind of injury.

So he is not afraid of hurting you, just afraid of facing your questions, your tears, or your revenge, entanglement and other consequences.

He just did not dare to face, afraid of fear, so blindly fled, but also want to have a happy ending. Such people are not only selfish, but also cowardly.

A person who does not love will confess, do not let the other half guess, do not play if they leave the set of cold and hot, will not intentionally find some problems imposed on the other side.

Not let the other party feel guilty first, first feel that they are not good enough, and how long it can be delayed, no matter what the intention is, it is not authentic.

Its okay to understand, to forgive, to break up and let go. At least let people know what you really mean. Dont waste time on you like a fool.

After the other party knows, it is to beat you, scold you or shed tears, which is the situation you expected to be able to imagine. Since you want to score points, since you want to betray, you must have the courage to face this scene, you must have the courage to clear up such an outcome.

Recovery of their own efforts, recovery of their own waiting and expectations, to have the opportunity to meet better people, more suitable for his people.

This is the most basic etiquette in general, dare to start, but also dare to face the end, dare to face their own choice of road and results.

This is respect and responsibility. It may not be easy, but since you choose to break up, you have to face to face the storms brought about by breaking up.