If you want to succeed in saving a man, you must first understand the mans mind.

 If you want to succeed in saving a man, you must first understand the mans mind.

This year, men are very tired, in order to achieve some success in this society, it takes a lot of time and energy. Even if he is not up to our expectations, or does not meet their own requirements, please do not sneer, sarcasm.

The establishment of self-confidence is partly the result of hard work, while the other part is the support and affirmation of partners. Who but his own woman can encourage him to go out?

Men are exploratory and aggressive in nature. Both of them urge them to yearn for the outside world. Smart people need to give them space and time to let their bodies and minds fly.

Normal social interaction is naturally very necessary, men go out, have their own good circle can speak freely, the heart will certainly be released, after all, the conversation between brothers, some women talk is not appropriate.

In addition, if a man wants to go out and have a look, please dont over-entanglement, and give him enough private space, which is the minimum basis of mutual respect.

In traditional culture, men represent rigidity and yang, while women represent softness and yin. When men and women are together, they can only keep rigidity and softness one after another, and Yin and Yang can be reconciled. If the two are just or soft together, Im afraid the world will be in a mess.

Looking back on that year, when we first got together, it was so sweet. However, with the passage of time, the passion gradually recedes, and you who once loved tenderness gradually cease to be tender, and the love relationship loses its proper color.

From now on, to arouse womens instinct again, to treat men as a big tree, occasionally coquettish, keep birds in accordance with people, soften the mans heart with gentleness in daily life, will inevitably stimulate his protective desire and win the opportunity of emotional recovery.

However, occasionally, it can also be used as a condiment between each other. Frequently, it can only make him feel more and more that he is a unreasonable troublemaker. So dont blame him for not being very human when it comes to things. He can maintain a very good quality of rationality in dealing with things.

These are the more common thoughts of men. Its not hard for men to understand, and they dont ask too much for women. They just want to have more time and energy to go out and display their abilities and talents. Ultimately, its for two people to get better and better in the future. So, when you save your boyfriend, start with the above points as a starting point, then the basic emotional problems will be solved.

Reprinted please indicate that the original text is from Xuyuan Emotional Institute!