Chen Xiyuan: Yuanpupil is a woman who cant understand why Jiuchen loves Lingxi deeply.

 Chen Xiyuan: Yuanpupil is a woman who cant understand why Jiuchen loves Lingxi deeply.

Yuanpus brother, who was a powerful general in the hands of Warlord Jiuchen, was later demonized and died in the battlefield. The mother and sister Yuanpupil left behind in the family belong to the kind of selfish and self-esteemed people.

At first, Yuanmu always thought that it was Jiuchens fault that her son died. Originally, Jiuchen had been helping them hide their enchantment for the sake of their Yuan familys reputation. But the mother and the pupil directly and indirectly forced Jiuchen and Lingxi to announce the truth together.

Mother Yuanmu died in a face-saving way. She couldnt stand the turning point and committed suicide. So the only remaining Yuanpupil began to bewitch again. It is clear that these outcomes are caused by their own families and their own hands, but never self-reflection, must not blame others.

Lingxi was executed by Jiuchen by expedient measures, and was reincarnated into the world to go through robberies. The misfortune of Yuanpupil was also found out by Jiuchen, who disclosed to Tianjun that the real culprit was Yuanpupil. This time, Jiuchen did not protect her or tolerate her any more. Previously, for her brothers sake, she wanted to maintain and take care of her, but she couldnt hide her bad heart. Jiuchen could only give up.

It is also believed that Lingxi body has magic spirit. She just acts under orders. In her eyes, she cant tell what is love, what is meaning, what is right and what is wrong. Unfortunately, Shenzun Jiuchen is not foolish. Her attitude, or the attitude of fooling others, will only make Jiuchen feel: Are you all foolish and deceptive?

So the Yuanjia was destroyed in her desires and private hearts, not in her brothers hands. Seeing that Jiuchens hope of saving himself was dashed, Yuanpupil still did not understand where he was wrong.

Presumably, Yuanpu will never understand why, her clear identity is nobler than Lingxi, Mingmings family is better than her. Its the kind of mentality with a sense of superiority that makes you feel like a man like Warlord, right? In her eyes, affection and love are conditional and identifiable. In her eyes, all living beings are hierarchical, they are higher, Lingxi is lower.

What realm does such a woman have? What would be lovely? She had no kindness, no compassion, no sympathy, no respect, no comfort or praise.

And Lingxi is the kind of people who are living, affectionate and righteous. There is no harmful heart, but also understand compassion, tolerance, compassion, goodwill, pay, love.

In reality, there are many such people who think they are very noble and rich, so they always look high and look down upon others.

They choose people who are equally qualified, and they believe that such people cannot deal with poor, unrestrained civilians. Such prejudices and discrimination are enough to show their shallowness and ignorance, indifference and ruthlessness. Such people do not understand love at all.