@ Wechat beg you, get out of these new functions.

 @ Wechat beg you, get out of these new functions.

As for our newsrooms focus on single students for 20 X years, we want to shield the keywords of Xiu En Ai in the circle of friends in the near future.

So we searched through a circle of brain holes and found that we actually wanted these new features more than the new ones we launched this time.u2014u2014

2. Expansion of custom expression packages

3. Visible Time Grouping in Friendship Circle

4. You can change the Wechat ID once

5. Voice Progress Bar

7. Automatically click on a given object

9. Ranging applications

13. Wechat Pays Annual Bills

Which of the above functions would you like to add to the new version of Wechat?

Or, what new features do you need urgently?

See you in the comments section!

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