Street Tour Chengdu Station Huang Changzhou 8 m 24 Win the Olympic Games in Tokyo

 Street Tour Chengdu Station Huang Changzhou 8 m 24 Win the Olympic Games in Tokyo

At 20:00 p.m. on July 24, 2019, Chengdu, the Chinese track and field street tournament, stood on the busy street landmark of Chengdu, Chunxi Road, beating drums. This competition is the fifth long jump event held in Chinas track and field street tournament. Following the successful mens long jump events held in Beijing, Xian, Nanjing and other places, the street competition first landed in the southwest. By virtue of the absolute position of Chunxi Road in the southwest region for nearly a century, efforts have been made to promote track and field sports. A total of nine athletes from all over the country came to participate in the competition. Now that the heat is over and the competition is still hot, the first street race in the southwestern region was supported by local track and field enthusiasts, and the scene was very hot.

The competition is sponsored by China Athletics Association and Sichuan Sports Bureau, sponsored by Sichuan Track and Field Association, Jinjiang District Sports Bureau, and operated and promoted exclusively by Olysports Co., Ltd. It is also held in Sichuan Sports Vocational College, Chengdu Sports Bureau, Chengdu Track and Field Association, Jinjiang District Peoples Government and Bo. Jet Sports and other units and institutions with the full support of the successful organization.

This year, Huang Changzhou, a native Sichuan athlete who jumped 8.26 meters in the street race, became the focus of the competition when he confronted Zhang Yaoguang, a famous Liaoning athlete who reached the World Championship and Tokyo Olympic Games this year. The two athletes have met many times in previous competitions with equal strength and difficulty: Huang Changzhou won the championship by 0.02 M in Nanjing Street Race in 2018, Zhang Yaoguang won the runner-up in Nanjing Street Race in 2019 and Zhang Yaoguang won the runner-up in Huang Changzhou in 8.10 m in Nanjing Street Race; the two met again in the recent national track and field championship in 2019. After Huang Changzhou took the lead in winning the crown, it was the third time that the two athletes fought on the street.

At the beginning of tonights competition, Huang Changzhou took the first place with 7.99 meters in the first round of trial jump, while Zhang Jingqiang refreshed his personal PB with 7.90 meters. Sun Yize made a steady start with 7.95 meters, and the second round was 7.98 meters straight to PB. Lixiaodong, a junior from Shandong Province, also refreshed PB. His result was 7.71 meters. Liaoning famous general Zhang Yaoguang took the lead in breaking the peaceful competition scene with 8.18 meters. Huang Changzhou immediately raised the result to 8.15 meters, only 0.03 meters away from Zhang Yaoguang. With Zhang Yaoguangs third round take-off error, Huang Changzhou won the championship with 8.24 meters, becoming the third after Zhang Yaoguang and Happy Dragon. Athletes who meet the standards of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

This competition is the annual closing battle of this year. The landmark tour of the China Track and Field Street Tour in 2019 has passed through Nanjing Jianye, Beijing Wukesong, the World Trade Organization and Chengdu Chunxi Road. It provides a parallel universe for sports fans from track and field halls to street tournaments. The tournament held many popular events such as high jump, pole vault and long jump all year round. The highlights were frequent: to build a joint event between Nanjing and the Challenge Competition, to land the 100-meter dash on the street for the first time in Beijing, and to leap the country of Tianfu on Chunxi Road, the top landmark of airborne. At the same time, the public group - open competition is set up, attracting nearly 500 people to participate in the competition, creating more opportunities for track and field enthusiasts to experience from the spectator to the participant, competing with the national team athletes across time and space, and enjoying the fun of track and field together.

Source of this article: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806