Xiao Happy premiered on July 31. Huang Leishayi staged the Happy Bringing Dolls strategy

 Xiao Happy premiered on July 31. Huang Leishayi staged the Happy Bringing Dolls strategy

Huang Leishayis comedy genius exploded, old and new parents staged a new type of parenting classics

As the Little Separation which once triggered the viewing frenzy, its sister piece Little Joy not only welcomed the return of director Wang Jun, starring Huang Lei and Haiqing, but also a wave of fresh blood. The bone of the play and love beans flew together, and the strength of the performance was the same. The spark was worth looking forward to.

Students swallow sea cucumbers, forced to wear autumn pants to laugh back to the real high school era

Xiao Happy uses a relaxed and humorous way, and the actors and actressesclean and neat lines to interpret the parent-child relationship vividly and vividly: Fang Yifan cant get up, his mother pinches and fights, but its no use, and finally makes a Welcome to stimulate the battlefield wake up Dafa to successfully make him jump three feet high; the handsome racing car boy jumps three feet high; Ji Yang cant hide from his fathers love of autumn trousers; for the nutrition of his daughters senior three, 365 days a day without the same dietary soup and a daily raw sea cucumber and eat you a year without cold, recite more than 20 English words a day, in order to relieve pressure on her daughter, secretly give her to her ex-wife without telling her. Ers 8499 Lego Suit of Star Wars...

Huang Lei, as the editor-in-chief, said: Little Separation emphasizes that parents are facing their childrens farewell, while Little Joy is more about parents growing up and facing themselves. Xiao Happy, based on the National College Entrance Examination, depicts the common growth of parents and children with laughter and tears. The warm and lively light comedy tone and vivid interpretation of Chinese family sentiment will make Xiao Happy a rare realistic theme in this years domestic drama.

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