Future Machine City is a funny and devilish feature of ghosts, animals and puppies.

 Future Machine City is a funny and devilish feature of ghosts, animals and puppies.

Netease Entertainment reported on July 25. On July 19, the domestic animated film Future Machine City was officially released. Carefully polishing stories, pictures, dubbing, exploring the narrative expression of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the type of domestic animation, future science fiction themes, robot images, and several major signboards have attracted special attention since the beginning of self-supporting projects. The film sets the background of the story in the future world. The setting and quality of the film make the audience feel bright. The story and the picture are praised by the netizens. It responds to the expectations of the netizens in the form of high-level picture texture and innovative pictures.

Ghost, animal, puppy and steamed robot Q Bao ferocious germination attacked

The game of dog bun and Q Bao, the most popular household robot in the film, makes the ferocious germination attribute of the bun unquestionable. Despite being a character in animation, Fugu is very vivid and vivid. His exaggerated head ratio makes him more dramatic without affecting his characteristics as a dog. No dog does not like to play ball, no dog does not like to interact with you. It will be violent demolition of the home will sell, so that you can not reprimand it, is not like the extreme situation you face your pet. Q-Bao is a housekeeping robot for the future family, contracting all the household work, but it is not a rigid working robot, it will interact with the steamed bun, even can rectify the steamed bun, the look of laughter makes people forget it is a robot for a moment.

Warm Growth Story of Summer Family Carnival

Perhaps everyone once had a wheat in their heart, a stubborn child who looked arrogant and unapproachable, and finally melted by the robot 7723. Through the mutual trust and understanding between wheat and 7723, the film gradually becomes the best friend, showing that everyone needs care and love in their hearts. This film not only provides the children with lonely personality with wheat, a kind of same kind which conforms to their psychological identity, but also pays special attention to the promotion and guidance of the positive energy of the film. Shaping wheat into a mental journey from weakness to being controlled by power and back to having the right self-consciousness, I want to encourage children to have a truly sunny and happy childhood in this way. Its also a movie for everyone. Children can see joy, adults can see that machines can not replace family love. It talks about campus violence, not violence; dont pursue perfection, nothing is perfect. There are many more, waiting for you to think and discover.

The film The Future Machine City is currently being shown in major movie cities all over the country.