White Deer Xu Kai Filled with Youth Energy on August 6

 White Deer Xu Kai Filled with Youth Energy on August 6

White Deer Short Hair Style Breaks through the Military Academy Wave Couple to Cooperate Again

Xie Xiang, the heroine of The Academy of Firearms, joined the army with a group of hot-blooded young people who cherished the ideal of saving the country. After being trained by the Academy of Firearms, she grew up to be an elite soldier in the army. Bailu, Xu Kai, Li Chengbin and Wu Jiayi wore formal clothes and had firm eyes in the exposed posters. Bailu, the heroine, is very dedicated to her work. She has deliberately lost her long hair and tried to dress up as a man for the first time. White deer and Xu Kai also cooperated for the second time after Swearing. What different sparks will they wipe out? And what kind of fate will the aspiring youth, who are equally opposed but have different personalities, face in the midst of the fierce war?

The protagonists in the single posters are dressed in uniform, armed with two guns, with the marks of struggle on their faces, carrying long guns on their shoulders, carrying bags on their backs, moving forward in troubled times, turning from students into a passionate patriotic youth, with refreshing and heroic posture. Gao Yuer, Yin Zheng, Anyuexi and Dong Li also performed in succession to annotate this hot-blooded Youth Drama together.

However, whether its a file poster or a single poster, each one carries the breath of crisis and undercurrent. Behind the main actor is ruins everywhere, in front of which is a mysterious figure looming. Where does this dangerous figure come from? What fetters will it have with the leading group? How can the young people with warm blood protect their country in troubled times? All the mysteries await to be revealed.

The Academy of Firearms is not only a grand drama of warm-blooded youth, but also a story about the young people of the Republic of China who grew up together as the backbone of society with their own beliefs and patriotism at the time of national peril. Juveniles gathered from all over the world to military academies grew and transformed in the course of task execution and decision-making. Some things must be done by somebody. The strong oath expresses a brave heart.

At the same time, the actors also took a twelve-point rigorous attitude, injecting the Republic of China flavor and the feeling of hot-blooded teenagers into the performance. It is reported that in order to enable actors to quickly enter the role and create a true and credible military image, before the start, the main actors were arranged to conduct closed military drills. In addition, in order to restore the national style set by the plot, the crew specially invited Liu Tianchi team for training. Liu Tianchi suggested that actors drink more red wine, listen to the music of that period, watch the movies of that period, and ponder the characters temperament and behavior from the details, so as to enhance the actorsbelief.

It can be seen from the careful study of actors, the careful polishing of scripts and the careful study of clothes and Taoism that the School of Firearms strives for excellence in every detail in an effort to present a delicate, warm-blooded and inspirational play. More hope that through the image of hot-blooded adolescents ignite their patriotic feelings. This summer, a hot-blooded youth drama, will soon be landed at the Aiqi Yiai Youth Theater.