Li Lijuans cohabiting boyfriend, a loving mother, was fined 1.2 million yuan for 12 and a half years

 Li Lijuans cohabiting boyfriend, a loving mother, was fined 1.2 million yuan for 12 and a half years

On July 24, 16 suspected criminals, such as Li Lijuan (Li Yanxia) and Xu Qi, who are the most concerned caring mother of Hebei Province, were convicted at the first instance of Wuan City Court in Hebei Province. The principal offender, Li Lijuan, was a criminal of evil forces, for extortion and fraud. He was sentenced to 20 years for four crimes.

With love and evil, Li Lijuan, 54, has become a highly controversial journalist.

Once praised as a businesswoman who raises orphans and scatters all her wealth

Li Lijuan, now known as Li Yanxia, a member of Chinas Civil Construction, has adopted more than 100 abandoned babies in the past 22 years in Wuan Welfare and Love Village for Civil Construction. She has been called a female entrepreneur who scatters all her wealth for raising orphans by the media, and was named Ten Persons Who Moved Hebei in 2006.

In May 2018, Li Lijuan was accused of using disabled orphans as a shield and Aixin Village as a cover to extort money from her boyfriend, Mr. Xu. Following that, led by Wuan Civil Affairs Bureau, the government of Wuji Town and other departments of public security and Public Security jointly banned Aixin Village of Li Lijuan according to law, and a large number of orphans and disabled children were dispersed and placed in other orphanages. In June of the same year, Li Lijuan was arrested by Wuan Public Security Bureau according to law on suspicion of gathering people to disturb social order and blackmail.

On June 19, 2019, Li Lijuans suspected crime case was heard in Wuan City Court. The prosecution charged Li Lijuan with five charges: the crime of gathering people to disturb social order; the crime of forging seals of companies, enterprises and institutions; the crime of fraud; the crime of embezzlement by duty and the crime of extortion.

Accused of using loving money to buy Toyotas domineering and mahogany furniture

According to the criminal judgment No. 0481 of Ji 0481 of Wuan Municipal Court (2018) obtained by the reporter of China Business Daily, Li Lijuan was sentenced to three yearsimprisonment for the crime of gathering people to disturb social order, one years imprisonment for forging company seals and 20,000 yuan for the crime of extortion, 13 years imprisonment, three yearsdeprivation of political rights, and Penalty: 1.55 million yuan; guilty of fraud, sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment, deprived of political rights for 2 years, and fined 1.1 million yuan. Several crimes were concurrently punished, and a fixed-term imprisonment of 20 years was decided, political rights were deprived for 5 years, and a fine of 2.67 million yuan was imposed.

Previously, the prosecution accused Li Lijuan of duty embezzlement. From 2014 to 2018, Li Lijuan, as the person in charge of Welfare and Love Village for Civil Construction, transferred the public account fund of Aixincun to his own bank card account for personal consumption. In June 2017, Li Lijuan transferred 470,000 yuan from his personal account to his son Hanwen twice for the purchase of Toyota Badao cars; in October and November 2017, Li Lijuan transferred 140,000 yuan from his personal account twice for personal purchase of mahogany furniture.

Wuan City Court found that since 2011, Li Lijuan has forged and used other company seals to illegally retain the prospecting right of Baijiazhuang Village North Iron Mine in Wuan City; by means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth, he has cheated 568,492.3 yuan of the state subsidy fund for urban minimum living allowance; and by collaborating with others, he has fabricated shares, reported false cases and filed complaints by letters and visits. To extort 784,000 yuan from the victims by means of disturbing roads and threatening and intimidating; to gather other people to use the minors and disabled children of the Welfare and Love Village for Civil Construction in Wuan City to block the construction of the project for many times, causing serious losses to the construction enterprises.

The court held that Li Lijuan ignored the national law and, in order to seize economic benefits, by virtue of the influence of the establishment of welfare and love village for civil construction, committed fraud, extortion and other crimes individually or in partnership with others, and the amount was particularly huge, which should be severely punished according to law; Li Lijuan gathered Xu Qi and other people to make use of welfare and love for civil construction. Villagesminors and disabled children have repeatedly carried out illegal and criminal activities of gathering together to disrupt social order for non-evil purposes, seriously disrupting the local economic and social life order, causing adverse social impact, and committing crimes by evil forces. The above-mentioned judgment was made in accordance with the law.

The 5-year-old boyfriend, Mr. Xu, is from Ankang, Shaanxi Province.

The reporter of China Business Daily noticed that Xu Qi, nicknamed Hu Dao, was indeed Li Lijuans cohabiting boyfriend, whose domicile place was Hongshan Town, Hanbin District, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province. Xu Qi, 49, is five years younger than Li Lijuan. She has lived in the Welfare and Love Village of Civil Construction before, and they have a daughter after living together. In 2002, Xu Qi was sentenced to eight yearsimprisonment by Wuan City Court for gathering people to fight and extort, and released after commutation in 2007. In September 2017, he was released on bail by Wuan Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional injury. In April 2018, he was resident under surveillance. In May of the same year, he was arrested in Beijing on suspicion of gathering people to disturb social order.

On July 24, Xu Qi was sentenced to 12 and a half yearsimprisonment and a fine of 1.2 million yuan for three crimes, namely, gathering people to disturb social order, extortion and intentional injury. The remaining 14 defendants were sentenced to punishments ranging from one year, two months to four years for extortion, mass disturbance of social order and harbouring. Some defendants were also fined.

Lawyers Voice

The attorney said part of the charges did not constitute a crime.

The court has handed down too heavy a sentence. Among the five charges, the court has found four charges. I think some charges do not constitute crimes. On July 24, Li Lijuans defense lawyer, Li Hailin, told reporters in the China Business Daily that the court held a court session at 10 a.m. on the 24th, and sentenced him about an hour later. The court did not find the allegation of embezzlement by purchasing a luxury car for her son with love money. The accusation of extortion of love money from a certain company does not constitute a crime. Sin, because before the founding of Aixin Village, Li Lijuan was a millionaire rich woman. There were mines in her family, so she could not confuse mine assets with family property.

Li Hailin said that the heaviest sentences in the four charges were extortion and fraud. The alleged charges against Li Lijuan for defrauding 560,000 yuan did not constitute a crime in fact, because all the money was on the card of each orphan, and the government departments registered it according to the orphan. Why did Li Lijuan not consult a guardian? u3002

Chinese Business Daily reporter noted that the prosecution accused Li Lijuan of defrauding 56,8492.3 yuan of the national urban subsidy fund in the name of 26 people in Aixin Village from 2014 to 2018. As for the fraud charges, Li Lijuan admitted that she had lied about her biological daughter and three grandchildren as orphans, and that her household registration was in Aixin Village. I will return the money.

As for the charge of occupational embezzlement, Li Lijuan said in an investigation by the public security organ that Aixin Village has two public accounts, and the application time is not clear. Only one of them is ICBC. There are donations in the account, as well as personal funds. There are donations to Aixin Village, as well as donations to Aixin Village. Donate to me personally.

Li Lijuans son, Han Wen, and other family members refused to accept the sentence of 20 yearsimprisonment and will appeal it.

Lawyers statement

Criminal cases are eager to hear but administrative cases are delayed

Yin Qingli, the lawyer representing Li Lijuans administrative case, accepted the reporter from China Business Daily that Wuan City Court, too, had different attitudes towards Li Lijuans criminal and administrative cases.

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