Exposure of the Silent Truth clip in the suspense film End of the Tunnel

 Exposure of the Silent Truth clip in the suspense film End of the Tunnel

Netease Entertainment reported on July 25 that its Spanish suspense masterpiece End of Tunnel will be released on the national courtyard at 18:00 today (July 25). The film did not show first fire, in the previous pre-screening, the audience commented: The plot is in threads, the nervous stimulation makes people dare not blink! The film The End of the Tunnel released a full-length clip of Silent Truth today, in which the mysterious little girl aphasia is exposed. There are more secrets hidden in the depth of the tunnel, which is even deeper than the tunnel. As the only suspense film released recently, End of the Tunnel has maintained the consistently excellent standard of Spanish movies. It has been praised by many netizens for its double confined space setting, suspenseful setting of the story of ants pulling elephants, unexpected reversal and paving the way for details. You have to watch suspense movies in July.

Paralyzed programmers fight gangsters with one enemy for love

In this release of the Silent Truth film clip, an unknown past was revealed. Paralyzed programmer hero Hua Jin reveals an amazing secret to the heroine Potato that her daughter Betty, who has been silent for two years, can speak! But Pota doubts that she doesnt believe what Huajin calls the truth. To prove herself, Huajin exerts his ability as a high IQ programmer: the abnormal behavior of Betty and Casimillo (Huajins pet dog) attracted his attention early in the morning, and in order to find out the reason behind it, his collar in Casimillo. The microphone was wiretapped, but it was unexpected to learn another chilling truth: Betty had been molested for two years, and this man was Portas new boyfriend, the villain Gallereto. Through the question-and-answer reasoning between Huajin and Pota, the truth hidden under the iceberg finally surfaced. Huajin confirmed his conjecture, and Pota did not want to shed tears of regret after knowing the truth. Behind the silence is the silent truth. There is no superpower to talk to animals in the world. The only superpower that human beings have is love, because love paralyses programmers can fight with one enemy more against the vicious bank robbers, and because Ai Huajin can ants pull elephants to complete the incredible absolute reversal.

It is worth mentioning that in this silent truth single scene, the leading actor and actress are the famous Argentine movie star Leonardo Sparaglia and Spanish actress Clara Lago. The former has superb performances in classic films such as The Wild Story and The Flame Burning Coin. The audience who is convinced by both acting skills and appearance also jokingly calls him Argentinas most handsome Leonardo, while the heroine Clara Lago has been shown in another Spanish high-scoring crime suspense film The Dark Side. Splendid, is well known by the mainland audience. The joint performance of two powerful movie stars is a highlight of the film.

WOM Leads Summer Films of the Same Type

There is a kind of suspense, called Spanish suspense film. Speaking of Spanish suspense movies, many peoples brains pop out of three words: delicate, wonderful and delicate. These three essence correspond to the pictures, stories and ideas respectively. In recent years, many Spanish suspense films have been pouring into the audiences attention, such as Invisible Guests and Mirage of the Sea, which have won both box office and public praise in China, and have become the hearts of many suspense fans in China. And End of the Tunnel is such a typical Spanish suspense film.

Based on excellent suspense films in Spanish, End of the Tunnel continues to reinforce various divine settings in the films. In addition to the enclosed chamber and tunnel double enclosed space, paralyzed high-energy programmers perform limit reversal in the flash tunnel, completing various impossibilities in the limited space. Mysterious steel pole dancers, gangsters with miserable lives, and the big guys wandering behind the scenes in black and white. All forces gather here, each with a ghost fetus. It is difficult to distinguish between the enemy and the friend. Many stories converge, and eventually a suspense story of mutual struggle and fraud unfolds. After the film was screened in advance nationwide on July 21, the film received good reviews. Many netizens went to social platforms to share their feelings. After watching the film, some viewers commented, The story is tense and exciting, and the plot turns around a thousand times. More gloomy than the end of the tunnel is the cruel human nature, a wonderful Spanish crime suspense film.

As the only suspense film released recently, it is no wonder that many audiences call it Must see suspense film in July. The film End of the Tunnel, directed by Rodrigo Grand and starring Leonardo Sparaglia and Clara Lago, will be officially released nationwide at 18:00 today (July 25).