Details of police files: The female owner of the Liu Qiangdong case had asked for compensation and apologies, otherwise she would be held criminally liable.

 Details of police files: The female owner of the Liu Qiangdong case had asked for compensation and apologies, otherwise she would be held criminally liable.

He towed me to the car, she wrote in a text message. He started harassing me when we were in the car. Then I asked him not to do that. Now you know everything. But I dont want to be his lover.

When her male friend asked her why she didnt call the police, the girl said she was worried about her parents. She later told investigators that she thought Liu could hire killers to kill her parents. I dont want anyone to know, she said in a text message to her male friend, Im going to die and I just want to run away.

My family will lose their livelihood, she added in the text message. Can you support me?

After a friend of the girl student called the police to say that she might have been sexually assaulted, the girl told the first group of policemen who asked her that she had not been raped. It was spontaneous sex and voluntary on both sides, and she did not need the help of the police.

According to Wil Florin, a female student lawyer, police cameras showed that she first told the police that she had been raped and then denied her claim. Wednesdays police release did not include the video.

Winter said that the girls statement surprised me. Winter said he could transfer her contact information to Jill Brisbois, Liu Qiangdongs lawyer, so that Brisbois could contact her directly.

Brisbwa told Winter that she had made several phone calls to the girl student and that she thought it was extortion for money. Brisbwa also submitted flash memory with a record of her phone calls. In a transcript, the girl said, I dont want my name in the newspaper, No. I just need money and apologies, thats all. Brisbwa asked her what her advice was, and the girl student said she didnt know.

In a statement Wednesday, local time, Brisbwa said, The evidence released today confirms once again the innocence of Liu Qiangdong, which we firmly believed from the beginning. These evidence fully eliminated the false information and unconfirmed speculation about Liu Qiangdong.

In a recording of a police inquiry, Liu Qiangdong said that the two sides were completely voluntary, and the female student enjoyed the process.

But Florin, a lawyer for female students, said it was absurd to accuse her client of extortion. He said that Minnesotas criminal and civil laws have provisions for compensation, and these requirements are not wrong.

The girl told police that Liu Qiangdong whispered to her at the dinner party, asked if she wanted to work in Jingdong and invited her to fly to New York on her private plane.

According to police documents, the girl said she gave in, Okay, okay, Ill drink it. The female student said that she and Liu Qiangdongs assistant went to the bathroom and pleaded with her, Please help me, I dont want to, I dont want to do such a thing, I dont want to go to New York, I just want to say, I am a normal girl, I am a normal girl, I just want to continue learning, I dont want to do this, please help me. Help me, please take me home, please.

According to police, surveillance video showed Liu Qiangdong pouring wine to the girl student, but some people saw her pouring wine herself.

The girl told the police that when she left the restaurant, he pulled my arm, put his coat on me and hugged my shoulder. I tried to run away, but I felt dizzy. I couldnt walk by myself. I cant go alone, I cant call Uber, I cant go back to my apartment alone, they didnt tell me where to go, where theyre going, where theyre taking me.

When Winter asked the driver if their physical activity seemed voluntary, the driver said, I cant say, No. But he said he didnt hear anybody calling for a stop or help.

Then he and assistant Liu Qiangdong drove them to the apartment of the girl student. Video surveillance showed that Liu Qiangdong entered the building with the female student and another woman, who was waiting in the public area. Liu Qiangdong and the female students took the elevator to the ninth floor. The female student put her hand in Liu Qiangdongs arm and chatted with Liu Qiangdong in the elevator.

The girl said she tried to push Liu Qiangdong away and shouted No! After Liu Qiangdong fell asleep, the female student sent text messages to three friends, one of whom called the police in spite of her objections.

According to police reports, when they arrived at the apartment, they found that Liu Qiangdong was wearing only a shirt, not pants. A police officer at the scene reported that Liu Qiangdong did not seem to understand what had happened and did not think he had done anything wrong.

But then, the female student said that she told the police the incident was a wishful thinking because she didnt want Liu Qiangdong to be angry. She said that Liu Qiangdongs power and money would bring revenge for herself and her family.

Im worried about my parents because you know there are many people who can hire killers. The girl student said so.

Mr. Liu thanked the law enforcement authorities for their efforts to solve this problem. Brisbwa pointed out. (Chen Chen)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541