In the first half of the year, Macaus number of inbound passengers exceeded 20 million.

 In the first half of the year, Macaus number of inbound passengers exceeded 20 million.

On July 24, tourists visited Handmail Street in front of Dasanba archway.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jinjia

Macao is narrow and densely populated with concentrated scenic spots, and is prone to overcrowding during peak periods. To this end, the Macao SAR Government Tourism Bureau and Aliyun cooperate to build an intelligent tourism project. After the project is put into use, the Macau Tourism Data + platform of the Tourism Bureau will provide the data of the inbound passengers and the passenger flow of major tourist attractions the day before, and will be continuously published on the Macau Tourism Promotion Website and the Macau Tourism Industry Website to facilitate visitorsinquiry and arrange their itineraries properly before they come to Macau.

In recent years, night tourism has become a new mode of tourism development in various places. Mr. Chen, a frequent mainland visitor to Macau, said that there were few nighttime activities in Macau. After dinner, shops were basically closed and only gambling venues were still open. If the shops in gambling venues can be extended to 12:00 p.m. and add special Wenchuang stores, then non-gambling tourists can be attracted to stay.

Mr. Li, a Macau resident, believes that nighttime activities, in addition to passenger participation, also provide residents with the choice of nighttime recreation. However, night market tourism should pay attention to the noise, congestion, hygiene and other issues. Industry insiders said that Macao could refer to the experience of Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places to add night trips and exhibitions in places with fewer dwellings.


Source: Han Yukun_NBJ11142, responsible editor of Peoples Daily Overseas Edition