The 149 pages full evidence of Liu Qiangdongs case was exposed! The recording shows that Liu Qiangdong claimed that the girl invited her to the apartment, shared a bath, and then had sex.

 The 149 pages full evidence of Liu Qiangdongs case was exposed! The recording shows that Liu Qiangdong claimed that the girl invited her to the apartment, shared a bath, and then had sex.

File screenshot released by Minneapolis police in Minnesota

According to the survey report, Liu Qiangdong said in his interview that the woman invited him to his apartment and also helped him take a bath. Both of them slept soundly for several hours after having sex. When the police arrived, the female students told him this is a terrible misunderstanding.

All contents include:

1. On August 30, Liu Jingyaos male friends dialed 911 to report the case.

2. The recording of Liu Qiangdongs telephone call to the police on September 10 last year;

3. Photos of Liu Qiangdong entering her apartment and being arrested in Mingda Business School;

4. Short-message conversations between female students and their friends and boyfriends in China;

6. The full report of the police.

Recording documents show that Liu Qiangdong stated that he went to bed naked after taking a bath, and the woman followed him to bed. When the woman took the initiative, they had sex. She never refused, Liu said. She said she liked it very much.

Mingzhou Police Interrogation Record of Liu Qiangdong Published by World Daily

The driver who helped Liu Qiangdong drive on August 30 last year also received a statement from the police that he saw two people kissing and touching in the rearview mirror, and that Liu Qiangdong had almost all been on female students, but he said to the police, The girls did not say no, stop or ask for help during the journey. Chinese style

Case review:

Last August 30, Liu Qiangdong attended a project study at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He went to a Japanese restaurant with a group of friends and colleagues, including 21-year-old Liu Jingyao. A few hours later, in the early morning of August 31, a classmate and friend of the girl student called the police to say that Liu Jingyao had been raped.

After the conviction of sexual assault, the female student filed a civil lawsuit against Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong in April this year and claimed 50,000 US dollars.

In the above indictment, Jingdong Company also became the defendant. The plaintiffs reasons are as follows: 1. In the relevant time frame of the case, the defendant Liu, as the chairman and CEO of the defendant Jingdong, acted in accordance with his apparent and real authority within the scope of his work. 2. In the relevant time frame of this case, Vivian and Alice acted as the agent, subordinate, employee or temporary subordinate of the defendant Jingdong, providing assistance to the defendant Liu. 3. Within the relevant time frame of the case, the defendant Jingdong licensed, helped and financially supported the defendant Lius all actions, including participating in the DBA China Project and hosting a social dinner on August 30, 2018. The dinner was held and paid in the name of the defendant, Jingdong. 4. The defendant, Jingdong, allowed Liu to participate in the DBA China Project and presumably paid Lius tuition fee. By participating in the project, the defendant Liu brought benefits to the defendant Jingdong. Specifically, the defendant Jingdong raised the management education level of its chairman and CEO, and enhanced the level of high-end business relations. 5. The defendant, Jingdong, provided the defendant Liu with unrestricted access to company funds during his stay in Minnesota, including during a business dinner on August 30, 2018. During the dinner, the defendant Liu used the defendants capital from Jingdong to pay for food, wine and transportation, including renting luxury cars. 6. In the name of defendant Jingdong, the defendant Liu held a business dinner on August 30, 2018, in order to contact and control the plaintiff. 7. The infringement of the defendant Liu is related to his duties as an employee of Jingdong Company, mainly in the time and place where he works. Specifically, the infringement occurred during the legal work activities, when the defendant Liu was performing his duties as the defendants employees in Jingdong. Lius infringement occurred during the expansion of business contacts on behalf of the defendant in Jingdong. It is because of the defendants status as chairman and CEO of Jingdong that Liu was able to arrange for the plaintiff to attend the companys business dinner and compel her to drink in the name of herself and the companys customers. In addition, attempts to injure and assault occurred in the presence of other employees in Jingdong. These employees were not only present, but also helped defendant Liu commit infringement in a luxury car. 8. The defendant Jingdong can meet the defendant Lius tort. Specifically, the defendant Liu, as an internationally renowned figure and a wealthy president, has an unequal position of power in front of ordinary college students under certain circumstances, which also leads to the foreseeable abuse of power. This abuse is a well-known and predictable risk for the defendant, Liu, as an employee of Jingdong, and is related to the work of the defendant, Liu.

For the above reasons, the defendant Jingdong should be jointly and severally liable for Lius intentional injury and assault.

On April 17, Beijing East and Liu Qiang East have responded to this question respectively, We cant comment on this at present, but we will resolutely defend this false accusation.

The civil action is expected to open on September 11.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Zhong Qiming_NF5619