460,000 people are frightened! 4-Share delisting fringe exchange

 460,000 people are frightened! 4-Share delisting fringe exchange

As of this mornings closing price, * ST Eagle, * ST Huaxin, * ST Huaye, * ST Big Holding Prices are 0.89 yuan, 0.93 yuan, 0.99 yuan and 0.99 yuan respectively, and continue to be below 1 yuan. In addition to the four stocks in crisis, there are 49 A-shares whose share price is less than 2 yuan.

According to the latest data, * ST Eagle, * ST Huaxin, * ST Huaye and * ST Datong still have 4602,000 shareholders.

Four stocks fell below par value and were on the verge of delisting

Recently, four stocks have been delisting because their closing price is below 1 yuan.

As of yesterday, the closing prices of these four ST stocks were below 1 yuan for 14 consecutive trading days, * ST Huaxin, * ST Huaye and * ST Dachao were below 1 yuan for 3 consecutive trading days, and all of them issued exit risk tips. If the closing price of 20 trading days is less than 1 yuan, it will face the fate of delisting.

Even if it has not reached the delisting conditions of less than par value in 20 trading days, the performance-poor stocks represented by these four stocks have been horrible. * ST Eagles share price has fallen more than 90% since its high, and * ST China has fallen more than 95% since its high.

Signing Cooperation Agreements in the De-listing Crisis

Before the announcement came out yesterday evening, * ST Eagle pulled straight from the drop and stop to the rise and stop in yesterdays trading and rose again today. Although the stock price ushered in two price stops, todays rise and stop price is still only 0.89 yuan, 12.36% higher than 1 yuan.

* The closing price of ST Eagle is 0.89 yuan today, which means that the closing price of ST Eagle is less than 1 yuan on the 15th trading day. This also means that the closing price of ST Eagle in the next five trading days must have a 12.36% or more increase, so that the stock price can return to 1 yuan or more, in order to avoid delisting.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is inquiring whether the stock price will be raised

Near the edge of delisting, suddenly issued a cooperative announcement, Shenzhen Stock Exchange quickly issued a letter of concern, asking whether there is any impact on the stock price, pull up the stock price.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked that the company intends to establish subsidiaries with suppliers to carry out pig farming business, but as of July 24, the companys stock price has been below par value for 14 consecutive trading days.

Whether it has the ability to invest liquidity and the commercial reasonableness of investing large amounts of capital without receiving the companys debt repayment.

460,000 shareholders are on the verge of delisting

Four stocks involved 460,000 stock accounts.

Among them, the number of * ST Eagle shareholders is as high as 184,200, the number of * ST Huaxin shareholders is 81,100, the number of * ST Huaye shareholders is 130,600, the number of * ST large holding Eastern households is 64,300, and the total number of shareholders is as high as 460,200.

However, even at the edge of delisting, there are still many investors gambling reversal, such as * ST Eagles rose and stopped yesterday, investors bought a lot, shareholder households increased by 30,000 in the first quarter.

Fancy Mine Explosion:

Four stocks, each with its own misfortunes.

*ST eagles are more concerned in the market because of their story. Meat debt service and pig starvation have become the markets ridicule for the company. Due to poor management and inability to pay debts, the company invented debt repayment in the form of meat products, while the pigs raised by the company died because of the untimely supply of feed.

In explaining the reasons for the huge loss of performance, the company said that from June 2018, the company had a tight liquidity situation. Because of the tight funds and the lack of timely feed supply, the mortality rate of the companys pig farming was higher than expected, resulting in higher cost of pig farming and management costs than expected. The market is dubbed pigs are starved to death.

After a huge loss of 3.8 billion yuan in 2018 * ST Eagle, the company lost another huge loss of 1.1 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2019. And in March this year, because of suspected violations of laws and regulations, the SFC filed a case for investigation.

At the end of January, ST Huaxin issued a revised performance forecast, with a net profit loss of 3.42 billion yuan to 3.64 billion yuan in 2018 and a loss of 2.2 billion yuan to 2.424 billion yuan. During the reporting period, the company comprehensively evaluates the recoverability of overdue accounts receivable in factoring business and transit trade business, and calculates the provision for bad debts based on the companys accounting policies and relevant provisions of accounting estimates, resulting in significant losses.

In 2015, Huaye Capital continued to leverage Hengyun Pharmaceutical Accounts Receivable, with a scale of more than 10 billion yuan. However, by the end of September 2018, China Capital announced that the accounts receivable was overdue. The recovery team found that the debtor had the debts listed in the agreement. The official seal on the document was forged. The companys current account receivable stock was up to 10.2 billion yuan.

Since then, * ST Huaye has repeatedly exposed debt default, the temporary impossibility of the accuser to return to China, the consolidation of the Pledged Shares of controlling shareholders, the imprisonment of directors suspected of fraud, and a huge loss of 6.4 billion yuan in 2018.

* ST control guarantees huge losses for major shareholders.

On the evening of May 30, the notice of * ST control received the notice of investigation filed by CSRC.

There are 49 stocks whose share price is less than 2 yuan.

Source: Yang Bin_NF4368, Responsible Editor of China Foundation Newspaper