Giant pandas climbing fences were criticized by electric shock zoo: too cruel

 Giant pandas climbing fences were criticized by electric shock zoo: too cruel

A tourist returned to the situation at that time. Sunshine tried to climb up the fence and was shocked. Sunshine quickly returned to its nest. It trembled in the process.

According to the BBC, many tourists witnessed the scene. Some tourists expressed concern about the pandas living conditions. It looks like its scared. Direct shocks are really cruel.

Panda Sunshine, from ICPhoto

In January 2011, China and the UK signed a cooperation agreement on panda research. Sichuan panda Sweet and Sunshine were sent to the UK for a 10-year exchange. Both male and female pandas Sunshine and Sweet were born in August 2003, 10 days apart.

In early July, the Edinburgh Zoo moved two giant pandas to their new homes in order to prevent the pandas from being disturbed by the reconstruction of a hospital near the original Panda House.

The new home is different from the original one. Before that, the Panda House was surrounded by a glass wall, while the new building was open, so the gardener set up an electric fence.

At that time, the zoo staff said, This gives us an opportunity to make full use of the dreamlike natural environment on the top of the mountain. Apply what we have learned in the past eight years.

Edinburgh Zoo announced the news on its official website.

Local netizens also expressed great expectations.

In addition, Edinburgh Zoo has a special benefit for those who cant get to the site.

You can watch two giant pandas live on the home page of the official website.

Recently, however, tourists reported that the panda Sunshine had been hit by electric shocks. It is reported that at that time, Sunshine tried to climb up the fence, and then suffered electric shocks.

Zoo keepers say electric fences are for the safety of other animals and pedestrians.

Charlotte Macdonald, of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said Sunshine had encountered an electric shock last week, but he thought it was harmless because animals will soon get used to these electric fences and choose to stay away.

However, tourists still expressed concern about the pandas condition. Although it was to prevent it from running out, direct electric shocks were too cruel. A visitor said that Sunshine was shivering before returning to its nest.

According to the BBC, Sunshine and Sweet are the only two pandas in Britain. Last year, Sunshine had two testicles removed because of tumors. In April, Sweet underwent artificial insemination during a physical examination.

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