The Office of the Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong responded to the fallacy of US anti-Chinese parliamentarians concerning Hong Kong: a bunch of nonsense

 The Office of the Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong responded to the fallacy of US anti-Chinese parliamentarians concerning Hong Kong: a bunch of nonsense

On July 25, 2019, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs severely refuted Rubios insinuation and nonsense, and his intentions were cynical and hysterical, in response to the myth that the Chinese Communist Party had used organized criminal groups to attack Hong Kong demonstrators and that China had violated the promises made during the return of Hong Kong. Li expressed indignation and condemnation at Chinas smearing and attacks.

The spokesman said that the long-term malicious attacks on China by the likes of Rubio are indiscriminate, black-and-white and have no bottom line. For his own political self-interest, he fabricated falsehoods out of nothing and deliberately provoked relations between Hong Kong and the Mainland, thus revealing his mean intentions again.

The spokesman pointed out that in the eyes of some American politicians, violence is only violence in their country, violence in other countries and regions is a problem of human rights and freedom, violence against police and order in their country is called mob, while in other countries and regions, public property is destroyed and government opportunities are attacked. The thugs who even attacked the police were fighters of human rights and freedom. This double standard of hypocrisy and absurdity is a blasphemy and trampling on the spirit of the rule of law and a shelter and indulgence for violent lawless elements.

The spokesman said that since the return of Hong Kong, the central government has always adhered to the principle of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy. It acts strictly in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law and is the guardian of one country, two systems and the Basic Law. Hong Kong has maintained prosperity and stability after its return. Hong Kong people enjoy unprecedented broad rights and freedoms in accordance with the law. No matter how rubios people denigrate, they cant change these ironclad facts.

The spokesman stressed that Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong and that Hong Kongs affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs. We will never allow any country, organization or individual to interfere in Hong Kongs affairs and Chinas internal affairs, nor will we sit idly by while the sovereign security of our country and Hong Kongs prosperity and stability are undermined. We strongly urge the people of Rubio to put an immediate end to their shameful actions against the troubled ports of China.

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