Mens shared apartment wash table hides mobile phone video live broadcasting female neighbors take a bath

 Mens shared apartment wash table hides mobile phone video live broadcasting female neighbors take a bath

For the sake of low rent, many young people choose to share the rent, but the safety risk is a little higher.

Recently, when Xiaoli was taking a bath, she suddenly noticed that there was a mobile phone standing at the bottom of the washstand, facing herself. Xiao Li lost her colour immediately, screamed, dressed herself and went out to check, but there was no one at the bathroom door.

Today (July 24), the Binjiang Public Security Bureau reported the case. The situation is as follows:

At 9:51 p.m. on July 22, police received a warning from Xiaoli that they might have been photographed while taking a bath.

When the police arrived at the scene, they saw Xiaoli, who was still in a state of uncertainty and had red eyes. She told the police that she and her boyfriend moved in at the beginning of the year. She thought it would be safe to live with her boyfriend, but she didnt expect the nausea of being photographed by a sex wolf.

Civilian police on-site investigation found that the apartment has four bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, living room are public.

Police quickly found the suspect Xiaodong. After questioning, he quickly recruited everything.

Xiao Dong said that he had two mobile phones. On the same day, he put a mobile phone under the washing table in the bathroom of the shared room and logged on to QQ. He opened the video chat. Then he hid in his room and connected it with QQ on another mobile phone to peep at Xiao Li who was taking a bath. He also recorded the video.

Xiao Dong did not have a clear target when he placed his mobile phone. He just thought about it. Such peeping should be concealed and smart enough.

When he used his mobile camera as a mirror and broadcast Xiaolis bath live through QQ, his girlfriend was sleeping soundly beside him.

Binjiang police said in their briefing that Xiaodong had been detained for five days according to law.

Police remind:

Xiao Dong and Xiao Li are aliases, but this is undoubtedly true. When women rent together, they must choose a better security, installation and monitoring of the community to live in, conditional as far as possible to rent a whole house or find women to rent together.

If men and women mix, we must bear in mind one question, two checks, three notes, try to minimize the safety risk.

Question: Ask clearly the name, age and work unit of the co-tenant, and keep the phone number of the roommate, so as to know the general situation of the co-tenant.

Second check: check whether there are any hidden dangers in the house, such as door lock damage, wall leaks, bathroom doors and windows light transmission, timely treatment and repair, strengthen safety measures; check whether there are monitoring equipment such as eavesdroppers and cameras in the room, especially in the bathroom and bedroom. Always be on your guard, be careful about the presence of a hostile cell phone next to you. It may be the eyes of a peeper.