No newborn girls in 133 villages in India were suspected of having selective abortion for 3 months

 No newborn girls in 133 villages in India were suspected of having selective abortion for 3 months

BEIJING, July 25, Xinhua (CNA) -- According to the latest statistics in the town of North Akash, North Akand Province, India, 133 villages have not had a baby girl in the past three months, raising suspicions of selective abortion. However, after the preliminary investigation, the authorities indicated that it may be data misreading or error analysis.

Source: Indian people.

A recent survey in North Akand Province, India, found that 133 villages in North Akash town had no girls born in the past three months and were suspected of having selective abortion because of the son preference culture.

Reported that some poor Indian couples may choose abortion when their wives are pregnant with girls because of the low social status of Indian women and the fact that the cost of weddings is usually arranged by the women, which requires considerable cost. However, the Indian government has explicitly prohibited the detection of fetal sex during pregnancy and abortion without justification.

The authorities in North Akand Province ordered an investigation after the above-mentioned news came out and attracted attention from all walks of life.

Chief Executive Qiu Han pointed out that although 133 villages in North Akash did not have girls born in three months, 129 villages did not have boys born in the same period, indicating that there was no gender bias in the area.

Qiu Han also said that the area is sparsely populated, sometimes only one baby is seen in three months. For example, in 166 villages, only one baby has been born in each village for three months, of which 78 villages have male babies and 88 villages have female babies.

Therefore, Qiu Han believes that this problem is basically a misunderstanding or error analysis of statistical data.

Due to the confusion of the data, the authorities decided to re-investigate the disparities by the district administrators, and to submit a report this weekend, while publishing the final data.

Yoshi, chief medical officer of North Akash Town, also pointed out that this should be the result of data misreading, because the local male-to-female ratio is 1,000 to 1,024, while the average male-to-female ratio in India is 1,000 to 933, and the female ratio in North Akash Town is much higher than that in India.

David, a staff member of the Recognized Social Health Workers program in Sandari Village, North Akash Township, said there had been no abortions or reports of abortions among women with female babies in the region for more than five or six years.

Everyone here knows that abortion or sex determination with a baby girl is illegal, David said.

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