Media: A-level arrest warrant for the richest daughter-in-law is a mockery of Hummer Welcome

 Media: A-level arrest warrant for the richest daughter-in-law is a mockery of Hummer Welcome

On July 24, the Ministry of Public Security issued an A-level arrest warrant for 50 fugitives involved in gangsters, each offering a reward of 100,000 yuan. Among them, Kou Jingyao stands out, which arouses wide attention. The story of the richest daughter-in-law was then picked up by the media: on November 12, 2007, when she was 19 years old, she married Geng Jianping, the richest man in Gujiao, a county-level city in Taiyuan. The wedding caused a nationwide sensation because of its super-high specifications, namely, three luxury cars with 12 Hummers, and many celebrities were invited to support the wedding. After this event, Gujiao City held a special conference to oppose extravagance and waste, and 12 Hummers Married also entered the Ten National News of the year.

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At first glance, it doesnt seem to matter between a luxury wedding and a wanted criminal case. If it is not related to the background of the event, although these two points give the public a negative impression, it seems a little far-fetched to nest the two in the causal relationship with the theory of fruit newspaper, because on the A-level arrest warrant, the luxury wedding itself is labeled as being rich and dishonest. Such logic of house-weary and black should not be accessed to the right. Discussions on the Lebanese border.

It is indeed immoral and should not be advocated in the aspect of changing customs, but public opinion should condemn it only at the moral level, rather than criminalizing it. Its easy to package and judge two things with the postmortem Zhuge-style argument of come out and mix, sooner or later, it will be returned, but its not necessarily appropriate to judge some peoples choice of burning money matching their consumption ability from the perspective of pan-moralization.

However, after the parties were wanted, the public opinion outlined the past 12 years ago of 12 Hummers married, which may not be due to the hobby of the network gravediggers to make up the knife at the bottom to settle the old accounts. Nowadays, Geng Jianping and Kou Jingyaos involvement in the vicious deeds of criminal involvement has clearly pointed to their misfortune. In this context, it is also human nature for the public to persist in questioning and questioning the legitimacy of the luxury wedding ceremony, and to ridicule their high-profile foreshadowing for the mockery they are now being subjected to.

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This is not only he is black, but also self-blackness: if they do not make a fortune by eating from the black, the anecdote of 12 Hummers marrying is at best a joke, not a stain of black material, and its value is limited to glimpsing the curiosity of private hunting, rather than a scandal.

In a sense, they themselves put a black stamp on the luxury wedding. The black here does not mean the luxury of the luxury wedding, but the embarrassment behind the luxury. They also upgraded Zang Zangs moral examination of the wedding to the torture of laws and regulations by their own actions involving the black, and the public followed the rattan of the black merchants. Find out the melons they used to spend their misused money improperly.

In this case, Kou Jingyao, as Geng Jianpings daughter-in-law, was wanted for involvement in criminal activities after Geng Jianping, not for involvement, but for self-blame. If in the past she might not have been chosen for a luxury wedding, she chose to be suspected of joining the underworld and committing such crimes as provocation, extortion and so on. In other words, in luxury weddings, she may only be a party and not necessarily be targeted by the criticism arrow; in black issues, she is a person in the bureau and should also pay legal costs for illegal and criminal acts.

At the end of August last year, the Ministry of Public Security issued an A-level arrest warrant for 10 people. Geng Jianping ranked first. He was known as a well-known coal owner and the richest man in Gujiao. He was exposed to Zhang Xinming, the former richest man in Shanxi Province, who became the number one Ma Zai under his command, and quickly turned into a village branch book and a market. The deputies of the NPC have accumulated huge wealth and created their own Black Gold Empire by purchasing non-judges with money, violating the masses by violence, seizing coal mines, digging privately and monopolizing transportation. In many previous cases, the black boss network tends to be self-centered, spreading along the order of from the core circle to the periphery. It is undoubtedly worth questioning whether Kou Jingyao is in Geng Jianpings network of black and evil relations.

Eventually, the richest man in ancient times and his daughter-in-law all entered the range of anti-black and anti-evil, destined to make some of the previously superficial things become laughing stock: Dont look at the past fun, sooner or later pull the list, 12 Hummers welcome relatives so happy, not to verify the law of restoring the net, negligence and not omission law? This testifies to the publics imagination of a small number of elite class besides gold and jade, among which debauchery can be seen by scratching the bright surface of 12 Hummers greeting their relatives and discovering a bunch of invisible secrets. For this reason, the publics hatred of wealth is only the source of the wrong wealth. The most important reason why they become targets is not wealth, but black gold.

In this regard, the first-richest daughter-in-law of 12 Hummers married is wanted at A level, black but not humorous.

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