70 visitors lost Shennongjia deep mountain firefighters late night search and rescue

 70 visitors lost Shennongjia deep mountain firefighters late night search and rescue

Firefighters pick up trapped tourists who are physically exhausted. Fire Supply Map

Baicaochong Mountain Landslide in Hongping Town was triggered by a sudden rainstorm in Shennongjia Forestry Area, Hubei Province on 24th. At about 8 p.m. that night, 70 tourists were lost in the mountains. After receiving the local fire alarm, they rushed to the scene for search and rescue.

After arriving at the scene, rescue workers learned that 70 employees from an organization unit of a foreign company came here to carry out group building activities. On the way, because landslides blocked the road, tourists organized their own hiking. Around 5 p.m., there were people who were physically inadequate, but at this time they could not return to the original road. They continued to move forward but did not know the direction. They were in a dilemma and had no choice but to call the police for help.

Tourists lost themselves in the mountains during the rainstorm night, and firefighters searched for them late at night. Fire Supply Map

Rescue workers took searchlights, climbing sticks, safety ropes, shovels and other tools to carry out the search and rescue with several villagers familiar with the road conditions, and at about 21:00 searched for the first batch of trapped tourists. About half an hour later, rescuers found another 53 stranded tourists, two of whom were unable to walk properly. Firefighters carried them on their backs and headed for safety.

At this time, rescue workers at the foot of the mountain prepared drinking water for trapped tourists, and medical staff at the scene checked tourists. Except for the dehydration of two people, the others were not harmful.

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