Women born out of wedlock took 520,000 children are not allowed to watch the court ruled this way

 Women born out of wedlock took 520,000 children are not allowed to watch the court ruled this way

Yangtze Evening News: Huaian woman Sun Mou and Ji Mou, a 12-year-old man, gave birth to a baby boy. However, because they were not legal couples, after consultation, they reached an agreement that Ji Mou could compensate Sun Mou for a one-time payment of 520,000 yuan. The children born out of wedlock (alias) lived with Ji Mou, their father, and their mother Sun Mou did not bear any expenses, but They have the right to visit their children. Later, because Sun and Ji had a dispute during his visit, Sun sued Ji in court. Reporters learned from the Qingjiangpu District Court of Huaian City yesterday that the special case of visiting rights of unmarried mothers to children born out of wedlock was finally settled. The court ruled that Sun Mou could take the children away twice a month for nine hours at a time.

In 2013, 27-year-old Sun Mou and 39-year-old Ji Mou had a baby boy. At the age of three, they signed an agreement on the custody rights of their children born out of wedlock. The content of the agreement is that Ji Mou once compensated Sun Mou for $520,000. The guardianship of the little friend belongs to Ji Mou. All the expenses for growth are also borne by Ji Mou. Sun Mou does not bear any expenses but has the right to visit his little friend. After the signing of the agreement, the two sides are also safe, but with the enrollment of young friends, there are disputes about visitation rights. Originally, Sun wanted to receive his children to live in his own place every week, but Ji said that it was unrealistic for children to go to school in closed schools. So, do unmarried mothers have the right to visit children born out of wedlock? The Qingjiangpu District Court of Huaian City holds that the father or mother who does not directly raise the child has the right to visit the child and the other party has the duty to assist. The way and time of exercising the right of visitation shall be agreed upon by the parties concerned. If the agreement fails, the peoples court shall decide.

After hearing, the court of Qingjiangpu District of Huaian City held that the little friend was raised by Ji Mou, his father, and his mother, Sun Mou, had the right of visitation to the little friend. In order to ensure the time for children to live and receive education, and to protect their mothers right to visit Sun Mou, Sun Mou was sentenced to pick up the children after 9 oclock on Saturdays around the second and fourth week of each month, and send them back to Ji Mous residence before 18 oclock on that day.

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