Sichuan police knocked out a group of 25 people who colluded with fuel mice inside and outside.

 Sichuan police knocked out a group of 25 people who colluded with fuel mice inside and outside.

Reporters learned from Guangyuan police in Sichuan on the 24th that the Chaotian District Public Security Bureau of Guangyuan Public Security Bureau, after two consecutive months of struggle, succeeded in breaking down a criminal gang that colluded inside and outside to steal diesel oil from enterprisesvehicles, capturing 25 members of the gang, seizing one vehicle, recovering stolen money and illegal income of more than 170,000 yuan, and completely cutting off the illegal. Chain of interests.

Late in the night of May 14, 2019, the traffic police brigade of the sub-bureau carried out an inspection on 108 National Highway at Dabakou, Chaotian Town. When the police inspected a van, they found that all the seats of the van had been removed, and the car was filled with diesel oil in plastic barrels. After checking, 17 barrels, about 800 liters, were counted on the spot. When the police inquired about the driver of Zhao Mou-mou, Zhao Mou-mou claimed to be a truck driver in a mining area of Guangyuan Company, but hesitated to explain the source and destination of the diesel oil pulled, so the police took control of Zhao Mou-mou and temporarily detained the van and its articles.

A suspect stole diesel oil was blocked by police. Photographed by Wu Gang

Through the interrogation of Zhao Mou-mou, the diesel oil on his truck was stolen from the oil tank of a truck in a mining area of Guangyuan Company, and was ready to be shipped out for sale. The police of the special task group closely tracked the chain of theft and sale, digging deeply and investigating thoroughly. After nearly 30 days of continuous investigation, they basically identified the oil-stealing gangs with more than 20 people, such as Yang Moumou, the manager of enterprise oil depot, Liang Moumou, Zhao Moumou, He Moumou, the driver of excavator, and the illegal acquisition of firewood led by Peng Moumou. Oil gangs. Since December 2018, the gang has committed more than 20 cases of theft of diesel oil from freight vehicles and engineering vehicles in mining areas of enterprises in collusion with both inside and outside. It has stolen nearly 30,000 litres of diesel oil, worth more than 200,000 yuan, and made more than 100,000 yuan illegally.

After the case was basically ascertained, the task force quickly organized arrest operations. In order to ensure that no one was missing in the arrest, the task force formulated a detailed arrest plan. On June 12, 2019, the special task force was divided into three routes. They went all the way to the enterprises to arrest members of the diesel stealing gang, and all the way to Guangyuan City to arrest and purchase members of the diesel oil gang, and left behind the branch office for interrogation. After three consecutive days of arrest, 22 suspects of stealing diesel oil and 3 suspects of illegal acquisition of diesel oil were all brought to justice. After interrogation, 25 suspects confessed to theft and illegal purchase of diesel fuel.

After the case was solved, in order to minimize the loss of enterprises, the police of the special task force devoted all their efforts to recovering the stolen goods and damages, quickly checked the record of each sale of diesel oil and the distribution of the stolen money, and urged the suspects to return the stolen money actively and strive for lenient treatment. After work, the project team recovered more than 170,000 yuan of stolen money, and returned all the stolen money to a company in Guangyuan.

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