Ironing wool rolls for fear of becoming a step by step frightening cloud? See how they do it.

 Ironing wool rolls for fear of becoming a step by step frightening cloud? See how they do it.

Whether it is short Bo head, pear blossom perm short hair, or air Liu Haier sister head, are derived from the basis of Liu Haier student head. As the most common hairstyle in school, it is very inclusive. Shen Yue in 1997 and Gao Yuancomb in 79 have different styles.

In the film Blue Red, Gao Yuanyuan plays the 19-year-old heroine at the age of 25, leaving this hairstyle. Last year, Gao Yuanyuan cut back his studentsshort hair from long hair, which was widely praised.

Photo Source/Microblog Screenshot of Gao Yuanyuan Studio

Want to lose age and keep long hair? Eight-character Air Liu Haier

Unwilling to cut hair and want to make some changes, you can learn from Limei Ishihara. Last month, Limei Ishihara changed a new hairstyle and returned to the air Liu Haiers long hair style in the period of Broken Chocolate Employees in 2014. And Yang has recently cut the same eight-character air Liu Haier. The main point of this hairstyle is that the hair should not be too straight, otherwise it will lose points.

At the same time, not everyone is suitable for the eight-character Liu Haier. Sweetness is a priority for the ladies and sisters next to the family, but the immortal sister like Liu Yifei, who has a cool temperament, should be far away from the eight-character Liu Haier.

Photo Source/Screenshot of Liu Yifeis Weibo

In theory, even cutting Liu Haier may fail. Therefore, we can consider changing the hair color to welcome the Spring Festival. When Li Yuchun made her public appearance in Shanghai last week, her hair turned blue, setting off her complexion very white. Wu Xuanyi, a member of Rocket Girl 101, recently dyed her red hair and had a very festive atmosphere.

Photo Source/Microblog Screenshot of Li Yuchun Studio

If you dont even want to try waxing, the following new hairstyle may be a good choice. Recently, Wang Xinling, Li Qin, Wang Ou, Tan Weiwei and other female artists have published the same improved ponytail on Weibo. After the ordinary ponytail is tied, the distribution is braided into twist braids. This hairstyle will have different effects depending on the individual temperament. Li Qin is skillful and Wang Xinling is witty and sweet.

Photo Source / Wang Xinling, Li Qin, Tan Weiwei microblog screenshots of Wang Ou Studio microblog screenshots?

Horsetail is an important criterion for testing facial value, but at the same time, it can be adjusted by the height of the ponytail braid to modify the face. If its a round face, you can comb your horses tail high, like Zhao Liying, to highlight youthful vitality. If the face is too long, its better to comb a languid and casual low ponytail. You can tie the ponytail above your neck like Korean female artist Liu Renna. At the same time, you can leave some broken hair to increase the stereo sense.

Photo Source/Microblog Screenshots of Zhao Liying Studio and Liu Rennas Microblog Screenshots

Source: Wen Xin_NB11808, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper