Sun Yuchen, a good scholar, apologized: was it driven by the situation or was it from his own heart?

 Sun Yuchen, a good scholar, apologized: was it driven by the situation or was it from his own heart?

Sun Yuchen, who is good at tragedy, apologized. But this apology is more like having to bow out of circumstances than out of genuine regret.

Sun Yuchens attitude turned 180 degrees after he was exposed by several media that he was suspected of illegal fund-raising, money laundering, gambling and entering the border control list. The Internet Finance Office also suggested that the police investigate his case.

He first refuted the rumor and claimed that the report was untrue, but soon issued an apology statement expressing his unreserved exchange of views with the media involved. At the same time, he apologized to Wang Xiaochuan, who had been questioning his fraud, and wanted to learn from each other.

Information map of Sun Yuchens apology letter

Sun Yuchens apology is not surprising, but it is somewhat surprising that it is so thorough and humble. This apology letter looks like a review written by a clever student to the teacher. It means dont worry about that much, first admit the wrong words. But too eager and low-pitched, it makes people feel that this is the reality of helpless bow.

The most important thing in the whole apology is to cooperate with the relevant departments to rectify, which is tantamount to acknowledging that the problems in his business model reported by the media several times before do exist.

This apology is not only to beg for mercy from the media, but also to announce the end of the road he had previously advertised. This is undoubtedly a break in his career, which is customarily defined by the criterion of success study.

Sun Yuchens hype is a problem, but not his biggest problem.

Sun Yuchens announcement that Buffetts lunch was cancelled because of a sudden kidney stone aroused thousands of waves.

On-line jokes, Buffetts OS may be: I dont believe it. I was set up by a young man in the name of kidney.

Sun Yuchen once sunned his photo of his wound. It is said that his illness deserves sympathy, but many people still feel that, in his style, even if he is ill, he should not want to let the illness lose its value - if the meal is cancelled or postponed, it is another first in history. This may be a bit of a bad guess, but it is also Sun Yuchens hype model that brings many peoples instinctive response.

Before and after this incident, the media started to launch Sun Yuchen, whose overall tendency was somewhat negative - it was reported that Sun Yuchens current business focused on two APPs, a virtual currency and a dating software.

Accompany me APP Interface Information Diagram

Some media suspected that he was suspected of illegal fund-raising, money laundering and gambling, mainly based on the analysis of the two APP models. The wave field project is dominated by gambling services. Previously, his candy was questioned by the media as the old routine of giving vouchers first and then asking for real gold and silver; while accompany me APP was suspected of providing pornographic services. Whether it involves gambling or pornography, it is the target of the governments efforts to regulate the fight.

Sun Yuchen responded in a timely manner, saying that both applications were in line with the countrys policy of withdrawal and consolidation, and were not illegal. If he had room to wash his boots before they landed, now his apology acknowledges a lot.

Whether Sun Yuchens way of starting a family involves illegal activities or not needs to be judged on the basis of facts at the legal level. But the accusation of cutting leek is a real hammer. Although cutting leek is closer to the moral level, it often involves illegal actions. Otherwise, leek is not easy to cut.

Essentially, hype is just a means of cutting leek, just like the trick summarized by Li Xiao, the richest man in the currency circle. But the more central question is whether the plots involving gambling and money laundering behind leek cutting are true.

Sun Yuchens over-hype is purposeful

The purpose of hype is business, and business is not legal, hype is also a window of peep.

Sun Yuchen bid for lunch with Buffett, and persuaded Buffett, who had been opposed to Bitcoin, to accept his idea of virtual money. It seemed absurd, but it might also be a means of leveraging big.

In the era of mobile Internet, social visibility is an asset in itself. Considering Sun Yuchens traffic and attention, the money is still very cost-effective.

Sun Yuchen successfully bid for Buffett Charity Lunch information map

His strategy is to keep adding weight and maximize the impact of his and Buffetts meals. Recently, he has also indicated that 10 million consumers of Xiaopeng automobiles are protecting their rights, which is just a hint that he is not short of money.

In essence, Sun Yuchens model is to sell the future. Such suggestions and speculation are not only for traffic (netizens call him Sun Yuyu) and attention, but also for appeasing those creditors. And Mr. Buffett became his prop.

Buffett has seen Bitcoin fade more than once. He believes that block chain technology is worthy of affirmation, but Bitcoin is essentially a gambling and a non-human way.

Therefore, the ghost believed that Sun Yuchen could persuade Buffett to believe in Bitcoin. What he needed was not to have a chat with Buffett at dinner, but the IP development right of this restaurant.

Will Sun Yuchens Way to Cut Leek End?

It seems that Sun Yuchen almost succeeded, but this kind of vigorous hype is a double-edged sword - because Sun Yuchen and Buffett are representatives of two business models of value investment and speculation, the contrast is clear enough, many media also began to focus on him, digging three feet of reports, and thoroughly presented his problems.

Sun Yuchens image is beginning to be known by more people: he is the representative of the field of abnormal entrepreneurship in recent years, playing with concepts, cash for cutting leek, and finally left a place of chicken feathers and rights victims.

And his model is also known to more people: Sun Yuchens success benefits from his super-first-class marketing and publicity capabilities. In addition, by the end of 2017, he had accumulated a great deal of wealth by cashing in the wave currency at the top of the bull market in the currency circle.

According to reports, the price of Sun Yuchens wave currency was 0.014 yuan on Dec. 5, 2017, and it rose to 1.38 yuan on Jan. 5, 2018. It has risen 100 times in just one month. During this period, Sun Yuchen received a cash arbitrage of $300 million.

By speculation to fool more people into the market, by speculation cash, by cutting off retail leek to make money... Sun Yuchen used to answer questions with his own success.

Although many people have questioned Buffetts business model by auctioning his meals, it seems to him that this is also a way of flaunting success. And if he can flaunt success, he will succeed --- that will prove his model.

But now it seems that there are many variables in this plan. His washing law can only wash away the doubts of public opinion about its morality, but its legal risk is assessed and characterized by law.

Perhaps thats what he cares more about: not personality bankruptcy, but legal seal. After all, marketing means bring about bad intentions of torture, and the legal level of qualitative, may sit down to this torture.

Sun Yuchen now uses the patients face to show people. But on the moral level, it is more serious than the illness he may suffer from. It is on the personality level.

Is this apology a good medicine? Maybe only he thinks so.

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