Dragon Yin Oriental Huanju Changan Talk 2 Dragon Pioneer Experience Opens Today

 Dragon Yin Oriental Huanju Changan Talk 2 Dragon Pioneer Experience Opens Today

Qianlong leaps to nine skies and three boundaries surge! As Big Cousin Ding Lei said in Guanxuan Dragon Nationality, Its not fun to find him, hes going to find a plan. We have high expectations for the Dragon Nationality. We hope that when the 17th anniversary comes, we can inject new blood into the big talk, push the big talk to a new story, let the three worlds glow with new vigor, and let the players feel the official ingenuity and sincerity.

The avant-garde experience for us is a pre-answer sheet for each player. As a brand-new element of the Dahua River and Lake, the Dragon Nationality hopes to come from Penglai and get together happily in Changan! Every big talk brother can join us to help the new brother better integrate into the river and lake. In the pioneer experience to give us better suggestions and opinions, let us in August when the Dragon officially launched, you can give a better answer!

Player brothers who fail to participate in the pioneer experience can also continue to pay attention to official public numbers, official forums, CC live broadcasts, God interaction and other channels. We are sure to collect valuable opinions from each big talk brothers and work with you to push big talk to a new stage. At the same time, we have prepared many good gifts for every big brother who warmly welcomes new partners.

Today, the pioneer experience of the Dragon Nationality is officially opened, and seeing the Dragon enter the rivers and lakes opens a new chapter of the story.