Poverty Anthropology in Xiao Hong Shu

 Poverty Anthropology in Xiao Hong Shu

Founded in 2013, this young platform has gained 220 million users in just six years, with nearly 90% of women in it.

If you are a straight man, you can be forgiven for not using Xiaohongs book. However, with the influx of more users, Xiaohongshus unique temperament is becoming more and more obvious:

This is a magic app with 10 female users, 8 Chanel, 9 Gucci and 9.5 Hermes.

Driven by curiosity, I opened the Little Red Book and broke into the crystal door of the beautiful new world.

What is wearing a Sen hair dryer, Zuma long perfume is only a crumb below broken drill, it is worthless, even the home page can not go up.

Little Red Book bloggers above the standard, how can they have a well-ordered leather jewelry box:?

Life is like a box of Budapest. You dont know if youre going to wear it today.

And their gemstones can be connected in large series around four fingers, which emits a dazzling light, enough to shame the bully to take off the gloves:

The most expensive hotel in Shanghai was still punched with Fendis armed body in the last second.

Obviously, young people nowadays no longer respect money.

In the eyes of exquisite bloggers, Chanel is the basic paragraph, Hermes is the faith.

Similarly, the skin care products below the sea blue riddle are garbage:

Searching for New House Decoration in Little Red Book will bring out the Downton Manor style.

Yesterdays bag, todays room, tomorrows Harmony.

The first barrel of Golden Height earned in college mentioned Mercedes-Benz A and wanted to know how to earn sisters plus V.

The positive energy of a hard-working society is now written on the steering wheel of Mercedes.

Then everyone Hitma Sharatti, at 120 yards per hour, crashed into the advanced stage of material civilization, where social wealth was greatly expanding.

If we continue to develop like this, we must be rich first, then rich, and finally realize the common prosperity of all mankind.

Unfortunately, No.

The Fantastic World of Slum Girls

In this parallel world, it is full of practical stickers such as 100 yuan in good price, 100 yuan inside acne print, cheap big bowl of cream, one hundred blocks from head to foot to get dressed.

The Gospel of Slums

The young Student Party seamlessly docks with these money-saving good things, and has given full play to the spirit of departure in the post-consumer era.

Mature and steady city beauty also began to understand the long flow of water, no longer because of a bag on any allin.

Apart from the conventional configuration of skirts, bags, perfume and so on, you will never guess how unrealistic curiosity you are about a good life.

With Ma Yinglong Hemorrhoids Ointment, as long as 10 yuan, you can go to the old black circles of the eyes, no bullying for the children.

Jie Eryin, not only can Jie Eryin, it is also the gospel of acne friends.

And Kaiseru.

Dont underestimate Kaiseru. You dont know how hard Kaiseru works for only 60 cents.

It not only softens stool and stimulates intestinal wall, but also can be used to wipe face, remove neck lines, with crude salt can also remove buttocks black.

Most desperately, Tun 10 bottles is only 6 yuan, its too late to see each other.

In the eyes of the people who pursue Darunfa, even mineral water is inherently useful.

Never use mineral water for skin care, because its too good to use! Want to carry forward first restraint, skillful techniques.

Mineral water is a magic weapon for people to cope with life and change their destiny. It can replace thousands of LaMer, SK-II and CPB to solve most skin problems.

To this end, Po also tearfully sorted out the corresponding brands of different skin textures:

Cold water washing is good, but because of inflation, two yuan of farmer spring has been difficult to perform miracles.

The good news is that in recent years, homemade facial mask has become the famous book of Xiao Hong, and you can touch the threshold of beauty and skin care with only 10 yuan.

Mung bean face dressing, shape pull wind, the effect is similar to bloodletting, can make you refreshed.

Self-developed body milk allows you to apply the opposite gloss of its color.

Potato mask, 3 yuan for exquisite life representative, one-stop solution to shut mouth, stain, acne, coarse pores and other issues.

There are also yogurt, honey, carrots and other intelligent good things. The craftsmen are so varied and tasty that they cant die of starvation.

Quick give you intestine son wash bathe bar

According to Mitzi Dulan, an American nutritionist, people normally discharge about 0.5 kilograms of stool, even if constipation lasts for a long time, it will only reach 1.8 kilograms at most.

Bananas, Snapes magic wand, a good friend of mankind. One Cup before bed, three kilograms of stool, Rongdeng 100 yuan enema good thing Top.1.

Pumpkin and carrot mixed with corn, smoothly break 5 kg, face Mitzi Dulan.

Seven kilograms, the atmosphere became warm.

Fantasy is fantasy, but you can not doubt that doubt is sour.

But all of these are just making waves in one mu and three parts of their own land. The following one is the one who really concentrates on big things.

After launching the cosmic enhanced version of Hawthorn Water, the young soldier pulled out 19 kilograms of stool, reached the limit of human body at one stroke, and completely ended tonights battle.

In fact, Xiaohongshu is not only a place of meditation, but also a front line to challenge modern medicine and broaden the boundaries of the human body.

Lets start with weight loss. Exercise is an invariable prescription for losing weight. Dieting is also the universal truth.

But Xiao Hong Shu can always see through you.

Poke the pain point of fat house directly.

With rubber bands, you can lose 90 kilograms in seven days.

It also has the effect of eliminating acne and inflammation.

The underlying principle is as follows: binding different parts with leather bands can stimulate corresponding acupoints, thereby promoting circulation in the body, and ultimately achieve the goal of slimming.

After a successful weight loss, the next thing to do is to complete the bone.

After wandering around the little red book, I found many sisters who worked bare-handed. In the 21st century, when plastic surgery technology has been quite developed, we still insist on pinching our own face.

Bare-handed masseter muscle repair is a common practice, 7 days from the big cake face to small V face, the effect is comparable to reincarnation.

Five minutes a day, pinch out the net red nose with bare hands, and let the cold winter of beauty parlors around the world come in minute by minute.

But now the net red face is experiencing a new round of inflation, tall is the hard currency of Cubism aesthetic feeling.

Facing the dwarfs life, many Buddhas lost their lives and surrendered, but the sisters of Little Red Book still struggled in the front line of growing taller overnight.

28 days long 5 cm, doctor teaches personally, do not look regret.

From 161 to 165, Bengsan is still growing and cannot be stopped.

Promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, strengthening muscles and bones, reinforcing the kidney and strengthening the height

Eighteen centimeters is eighteen centimeters.

In short, remember a rule: in Little Red Book, all laws of nature fail, and everything grows without a ceiling.

As long as you have faith, you can have abnormal white in 7 days.

The most touching thing is the construction of the commentary area, which is always praised by tens of thousands of people.

Just try it, and it turns out to be surprisingly useful.

No matter how many exotic operations there are, it is still the purest land of the Internet today.

Not all fish live in the same ocean. Some people are capricious enough to worry about what color Rolls-Royce interior should be changed, and others ride a shared bicycle without humility or arrogance.

Its a pure pleasure.

* Native skin care risks, please do not imitate the majority of readers.

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