Doctors in danger of old people are busy taking group photos! When did saving people become a choice question?

 Doctors in danger of old people are busy taking group photos! When did saving people become a choice question?

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Doctors are taking group photos when the old man is in critical condition? (Source:)

Four times for help, three times for refusal

It happened in Wenshui County Peoples Hospital of Shanxi Province.

After receiving the notification, the family became more anxious and rushed to see the doctor in charge. The attending physician opened a list for taking CT, and Mr. Wu took the old man to have a CT examination as soon as possible.

However, in the process of waiting for the examination, the old man suddenly appeared uncomfortable and very uncomfortable.

In our general understanding, the patients life should be higher than everything else, at least higher than taking group photos...

When Mr. Wus grandmother was in critical condition, Mr. Wu and his family went to the doctor for help four times. However:

As time went by, the old man became more and more uncomfortable. At this time, Mr. Wus family went to the doctor for the second time, but the answer was still waiting.

A few minutes later, another family member of Mr. Wu went to see the doctor in charge. By this time, they had taken their first picture. But the doctor pushed the family away. Cant you wait? Cant I show you after taking photos?

At this time, the old mans condition aggravated again, a nurse rushed to seek the help of the doctor in charge, but a woman doctors attitude, let the fourth time to seek the doctors help Mr. Wus mood outbreak, said the director of 18 beds is very sick, hurry to check it. But theres a woman doctor next to us. She just grabs the corner of our doctors coat and says youre in a hurry. Lets take this picture and see again.

Four times in a row!

The interval is more than 20 minutes!

After four consecutive entreaties from Mr. Wus family, the attending doctor and director went to the ward.

But Mr. Wus grandmother was still unable to rescue him...

After the death of the elderly, the local media interviewed Wenshui County Peoples Hospital and asked: Will these more than 20 minutes affect the rescue effect of the elderly?

The response was that it was not the death caused by photography, but the observation of the patient must be affected.

Afterwards, he did not take the initiative to admit his mistake. He also said that photography was not the direct cause of death of the patient.

I dont know how you feel when you see this reply.

But you must remember the phrase Lets take this picture and see again...

I dont know whats going on with Mr. Wus grandmothers illness, and even if the medical staff came to rescue her earlier, the result might still be death.

But the doctor failed to rescue the patient in time because of taking group photos, which undoubtedly deprived the patient of the last glimmer of hope.

I dont know how the doctors in the Department concerned decided before.

There is a saying in the lawyer circle: we must devote great energy to the service of the clients, because the common legal disputes you see may be the only one for them in their lifetime.

I think the same applies to the medical industry.

Doctors who work in hospitals are likely to see life, old age, illness and death most often. The characteristics of their profession also determine that they will not always be too emotional about the birth and death of life. A hospital that can open dozens or even hundreds of danger notifications a day is already common to patients in danger.

But for the families of those patients, this is the worst news! For critically ill patients, rescue has become the last hope...

Doctors are the only straw they can grasp.

More than once, we have seen all kinds of contradictions between doctors and patients reported in the news, many of which are vicious medical disturbances, and many medical staff are chilled.

But this time, the way Mr. Wu and his family deal with it, we have absolutely no place to blame, even imagine that we may not do as well as him.

The patients family members are dying of anxiety, but the doctors are busy taking pictures!


Saving people shouldnt be a doctors choice

After the incident, both doctors and patients have applied for the investigation and treatment of the Provincial Medical Investigation Commission, and the director of the Department of Cardiology has been suspended. At the same time, we should immediately carry out special actions to rectify the medical ethics and style in the health and health industry of Shanxi Province, and investigate and punish those who ignore life, violate the ethical standards of the medical industry and ignore the life and death of patients with zero tolerance strictly, seriously and expeditiously.

To tell you the truth, people have passed away. It is meaningless to deal with them severely. I just hope to give Mr. Wu and his family a good account.

Acknowledging your mistake is really disgraceful!


Nevertheless, teachers still dont have much confidence in their mistakes.

During the Spring Festival, such a couplet was posted on the door of the second pediatric clinic of the hospital, which aroused strong disgust among local residents.

(Upper and lower links are business is thriving everywhere, financial resources are widely spread to Kyushu and business is thriving.)

Although criticized by the notice afterwards, but...

Some doctors save lives and injuries day and night, others... Never mind.

Contradictions between doctors and patients are not necessarily the problems of patients and their families. Every profession has a black sheep. I hope all medical staff in the world can afford that white coat.

Finally, I would like to recall with all the hard-working medical staff the pledge that you should keep in mind from the beginning of your medical studies.

Health depends on life.

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