Top European supplier: Over the past 10 years, it has sold a set of 330 million Euros with strong conscience! Four World Champions

 Top European supplier: Over the past 10 years, it has sold a set of 330 million Euros with strong conscience! Four World Champions

In June, French left-back Gardy Mendi was transferred from Lyon to Real Madrid, the Spanish giant, for a transfer fee of 48 million euros. Earlier this month, French midfielder Enton Belle said goodbye to Lyon and joined Spurs. The transfer fee was 60 million fixed sum plus 10 million floating sum, creating the most expensive quotation record in the history of Spurs Club. Lyon earned Euro 138 million in just three transfers this summer.

Lyon has always been a famous star-making factory in France. They not only have strong youth training ability, but also can use excellent scouting system to introduce players from other teams at low prices, and then sell them at high prices after they become famous. According to statistics, in 2018, 35 players from Lyon Youth Academy played in the five major European leagues, ranking second in all teams, after Real Madrid (36).

The Bleacher Report reviewed an 11-man squad for Lyon in the past decade, with Lori as the goalkeeper. The French internationals main goalkeeper moved from Nice to Lyon in 2008 and Spurs in 2012, at a transfer fee of 12.6 million. Lori is now captain of Spurs.

The three defenders are Umti, Lovelen and Mendi. Umti, a Lyon youth academy, joined Barcelona with a transfer fee of 25 million euros in 2016, Lovelen joined Lyon from Zagreb Dynamo in 2010, Southampton in 2013 with a transfer fee of 10 million euros, and Mendi joined Real Madrid with 48 million euros this summer.

In addition to Fergie and Ndonbeli, who joined Bayern in midfield this summer, Toliso (41.5 million euros) joined Bayern in 2017. Bosnia and Herzegovina midfielder Pianic joined Lyon from Mes in 2008 and Rome in 2011 for 11 million euros. Now Pianic plays for Serie A champion Juventus.

The same talent is available on the front line. When Lakazette joined Arsenal in 2017, the transfer fee was as high as 53 million euros. Benzema joined Real Madrid in 2009 for 35 million euros, while Marshall joined Monaco in 2013 for 5 million euros. And these three outstanding strikers are all from Lyon youth training, which shows their youth training ability.

However, Lyon need to consider reinforcing their squad after selling three key players this summer. Although the transfer of players can bring a lot of income, but the teams performance needs to maintain stability. Monaco is a counterexample in this respect. Two years ago, Monaco was the French champion and the top four in the Champions League, but after that too many players left the team. Last season, Monacos performance fell sharply, and it was almost demoted in 17th place in the French League. Lyon needs to take warning.

Lyons 11-man squad for the past 10 years is 343:

Lori/Umtidi, Lovelen, Mendi/Pianic, Fergie, Ndong Belle, Toliso/Lakazette, Benzema, Marshall

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