Drug traffickers were taken home from Myanmar and confessed that they were all scum there

 Drug traffickers were taken home from Myanmar and confessed that they were all scum there

We are all scum when we mix up there. Ah Ping sat behind the iron railings of Ninghai detention center in Zhejiang Province and said a quiet word about the days when she was drunk and dreamed of death in northern Myanmar.

After being captured from Myanmar and returned home in Ninghai for more than ten days, she came out with a strong flavor of maku.

The police said that they knew they were drug addicts and could not wash out their baths.

Ah Ping has been mixing in northern Myanmar for more than ten years. What is mixing? She sleeps until she gets up in the afternoon every day, then goes to the casino and sits in front of the fishing machine. If you win the bet, you go out with your money and turn left to buy a bag of drugs. If you lose the bet, turn right when you go out, sell the drugs, change into money and gamble.

1) Aping, North Myanmar

Aping used to be a decent wife. After her divorce more than 20 years ago, she did not know what to do and became a mixed-society woman.

Probably because of emptiness.

After gambling, she went from her hometown in Huainan, Anhui Province to Myanmar, where, four or five years later, she met a Chinese man from Henan Province who was kind to her. She followed the man back to Henan and had a quiet time.

However, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law may be the most difficult one in the world. Aping could not bear the anger and returned to northern Myanmar alone.

In the casino in Wa State, she met two good girls, one is Ahan and the other is Yanli.

They are all the same, the left hand is gambling, the right hand is poisonous.

A Han, a native of Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, was Yanlis husbands offline line at first. He often called for goods from Ninghai, and later asked Aping to get them.

Every time Aping receives a call for the goods, she buys drugs with the money she wins, finds a horse gang to get the border, enters Yunnan, China, and sends them by express mail to all parts of the country.

Yanlis husband is the same, although born in Myanmar, but there are many offline, layer by layer, all over the country.

They say this is their way of life. No wonder Aping feels that the they who mix up here are scum.

2) The man had a gun.

Ahan was targeted by the anti-drug police in Ninghai at the end of December 2018.

In December 2018, Ninghai Public Security first discovered a point on this network. It was a drug trafficker, Alin, who was from Liyang Town of Ninghai.

Under the severe crackdown on crime by the public security, it is also very difficult to engage in drug abuse, so addicts are reluctant to share with others, and they are sneaking away quietly. Those who dare not smoke at home have to sneak into the wilderness at midnight to find a deserted corner.

In this way, its really a dog in a state of panic.

At that time, Ninghai anti-drug police touched Alin from drug addicts and found a primary drug trafficking network. Some of these bottom-level drug traffickers were in Tong Town in front of Ninghai, some in Liyang Town and some in Changjie Town, which could be regarded as a separatist party.

In the early morning of December 29, 2018, Ninghai Public Security launched its first anti-drug network collection campaign in winter, starting at 5 a.m.

Dai Yongjie, the police officer of the special task force, code-named D Wolf, told us that a drug dealer, a northeastern man, was tall and strong, and knew that he had a gun.

On the day of drug elimination in winter, police stations, anti-narcotics police, special police and so on formed a group of assault squads, ambushed outside various nests, waiting for drug addicts who liked to stay up late to fall asleep one after another, and stayed up until more than 5 oclock in the darkest before dawn, broke into the door and simply dropped several nests.

The northeastern big man Adong had guns, bullets and was extremely dangerous.

But before the gun could be reached, the man was handcuffed on the bed by the police.

3) Tea and flower cake

The first battle was successful, and 470 grams of methamphetamine, 3 grams of cannabis and 111 pieces of ephedrine were captured.

Even if A Dong is not explained, the material evidence is clear. His last home was in Yunnan, because the express box seized by the police clearly stated that it was from Jinghong, Yunnan Province.

Although the recipients name telephone is fake and the senders name telephone is fake, the logistics information is true.

Then the drugs were seized, packaged in whatever form.

Hidden in tea bags, hidden in tea gift boxes, stuffed in Yunnan specialty flower cakes... They have also explored unique techniques for evading parcel detection.

Its not just that some people in Yunnan are doing this thing of changing the face of drugs and repackaging them. Its a very professional Ma Gang working.

Project team analysis, if we continue to follow the lead, it is very likely to touch abroad, Myanmars transnational drug trafficking network.

After careful analysis and strict reporting, it has been reported to the Ministry of Public Security and identified as the target case of 2019-7.

Ninghai Public Security has set up a special group headed by Li Ming, deputy county head and chief public security officer. It has selected many units such as anti-drug, criminal investigation, cyber police, Yuelong police station and Taoyuan police station to carry out combined operations of capable police forces.

4) Human evaporation

Ninghai public security has been investigating for a long time in Jinghong, Puer and other places in Yunnan Province. We must find ways to get people back and get rid of drug trafficking networks.

Ninghai is on the sea and Yunnan is inland.

Captain Li said that he didnt have to wear outdoor shoes in Yunnan because he wore slippers in hotels every day. As a stranger, its really eye-catching to be there. We can only hide in the hotel to make suggestions, analyze intelligence, and ask the public security of Jinghong, Yunnan Province, to help with the investigation. They dare not attack until they are 100% sure.

Just eat takeaway every day, Li Yiqun has lost tens of kilograms!

Most desperately, after several months of careful operation, in April 2019, drug traffickers following Ninghai anti-drug police suddenly evaporated in the world!

After several inquiries, they found out that the batch of drug traffickers tracked by them had optimized the packaging of drugs in Jinghong, using express delivery to Ningbo, Hebei, Chongqing, or Tianmen, Hubei as transit stations, and then transporting drugs to Ningbo, Zhejiang and other places. They were originally not only stared at by Ninghai police, but also other places. Fangs police are also concerned.

Suddenly, Hubei police arrested them, intercepted people and goods, and then their home disappeared immediately, and the phone number became empty overnight.

Ge Gangjian, deputy leader of the same trade, was insomniac and lightened by more than ten kilograms. No wonder he always looks very tired when we interview him.

(Picture: The police seized methamphetamine hidden in tea bags, each pack is a kilogram)

5) reconnection clues

Its impossible to give up. Its impossible in this life.

Crisis is an organic one.

Drug traffickers were cut off because of the crackdown by the anti-drug police. Ninghais Ahan was in a hurry. She originally asked Yanlis husband to buy the goods. When the goods were gone and Yanlis husband could not contact her, she decided to go to Yunnan and Myanmar to find the source of the goods herself.

She found Aping at this time.

Originally Yanlis husband was very strict, and he had to pay for delivery every time.

Ahan finds Aping is much better for her and can pay on delivery.

Their drug trafficking routes from northern Myanmar to Ningbo and Ninghai in Zhejiang were reconnected, but they were all cleared up by the police.

In the second arrest on June 3, 2019, Ninghai Public Security dispatched more than 150 police officers to carry out arrests in Ninghai, Fenghua, Yinzhou, Xiangshan and Xiaomengla, Myanmar, with the full cooperation of local public security organs. Seventeen suspects were arrested on the spot, and more than 1.6 kg of methamphetamine and 600 Ma Gu grains were seized.

On June 5, with the strong support of Xiaomengla police station in Myanmar and Jinghong police in Yunnan, the main suspect Aping was captured and released to Myanmar.

Up to the date of publication, Ninghai public security has arrested 51 criminal suspects, including 21 criminal suspects detained for drug trafficking, 30 criminal suspects detained for drug addiction, and seized about 6.6 kg of methamphetamine, more than 600 pills of Magu and a number of other drugs.

On June 10, 2019, Liu Yuejin, deputy director of the National Drug Control Commission, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security and counter-terrorism commissioner, heard about the case of Ninghai Public Security Office and said, A County Public Security Bureau should be commended for its high quality in leading the detection of such a large case.

But Captain Li and his comrades did not stop.

As I was writing on July 24, he told me, Three more people have been captured today! They will be taken back to Ninghai.

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