Girls in junior high school have earned 40,000 yuan in micro-business for three years: they have realized the freedom of pocket money

 Girls in junior high school have earned 40,000 yuan in micro-business for three years: they have realized the freedom of pocket money

In this Internet age, students have acquired more and more skills - Graduates Ji from Hangzhou Junior Three, who use their spare time to do micro-business. They have earned nearly 40,000 yuan in three years. They have realized the financial (pocket money) freedom. Recently, they have also guaranteed Hangzhou Senior Middle School with excellent results and a collection of works. Selected as the Star of Youth Literature series of Zhejiang Youth Writers Association, it will be published soon.

Three years in junior high school, both academic and business are correct. How did this fierce girl do it? Is her little success replicable?

The First Generation Acting Girl Skin Care Products

Max. 5000 a month

Yesterday, standing opposite the reporter, Xiao Ji looked very quiet, short-haired, thin, plain dressed, no different from ordinary students, but in communication, she can feel that she is a very thoughtful person.

She started micro-business from the summer vacation before junior high school. Over the past three years, micro-business has become a great pleasure in her life. Unlike ordinary microbusinessmen, Xiaoji never relied on the propaganda of relatives and friends, or even shielded them. In her words, she does not want to rely on the friendship of relatives and friends to support her. She hopes to run this small business entirely on her own ability.

In the sixth grade, a good friend of mine wrote very well, so he sold calligraphy works on QQ. A single word can earn two or three yuan. When Xiaoji saw the business opportunities, she cooperated with several good friends to do business, selling characters and handicraft products through QQ, but this attempt was unsuccessful. After a month, they didnt even earn 10 yuan.

Because of the meagre income, friends dispelled the idea of doing business, but it stimulated Xiaojis business interest and began to look for business opportunities on the Internet. At first I wanted to earn some pocket money.

After exploring and comparing, she saw skin care and beauty products of a girl department in Junior 1. The average price of this brand is between 60 and 100 yuan, which is affordable to ordinary students. Compared with other products of the same value, this brand has a good reputation. Before acting as an agent, Xiao Ji tried out his own experience to ensure the quality before starting to sell.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, especially for a junior high school student who does not have rich network resources. During the period when he became a micro-business, Xiao Ji did not make a penny for several weeks.

On New Years Day, taking advantage of the studentsnew years money, I will launch alucky bagcampaign, which combines several products into alucky bagat a price lower than the original price. Although I earn less, my sales have increased a lot. After several weeks of insistence, Xiao Ji finally received his first order. Then she sold one or two orders a week and gradually increased to three or four orders a week.

Although things have been sold, because I am not a first-class agent, I can only earn 10 yuan per unit and up to 100 yuan per month. After a lot of efforts, she found the brand founders QQ, but another problem came - to become a first-level agent, need to pay 600 yuan agency fee, which is a little too high for a junior high school student.

I thought about it for a long time and calculated my own profit after becoming a first-class agent. If sales volume declined, I could earn back the cost in two or three months at most. After assessing the risks, she asked her parents for financial support. Facts have proved that her forecast is accurate, the monthly revenue has increased several times, when the order is the largest, a month can earn 5,000 yuan.

In this summer vacation, she also based on her own market research, to see a higher-end new product, her own investment obtained agency rights. I want to improve my marketing ability again.

Youve been cheated and scolded.

Mom and Dad from Opposition to Support

Its certainly not smooth sailing to be a retailer. When promoting products, Xiaoji encountered several unpleasant incidents.

Xiao Ji told reporters that in addition to daily QQ product information and user experience, she often seeks the help of a large number of fans. Looking for a net-red promotion to pay a fee in advance, I always feel that everyone is honest, but once I found a net-red, after paying the fee, he not only did not help me promote, but directly deleted me. Fortunately, the money cheated at that time was not much, only tens of yuan. Since then, she will pay a part of the fee when she looks for the promotion of online red, and then pay the final payment after confirming that the promotion of the other party has been completed.

On another occasion, she and her small partners in the field planned to take advantage of the Spring Festival to do a bigger event. As long as customers forward their products, they can get small gifts free of charge by paying postage.

We thought this activity was easy to operate, as long as the cost was not expected to lose money. Unexpectedly, the volume of product forwarding was much more than we expected. The small partners responsible for packaging and shipment were simply too busy. Many customers were unhappy because they did not receive gifts late. At that time, many people who paid for the postage found her, said she was a liar, and demanded a refund.

However, these episodes do not seem to be a big deal anymore. She learned how to communicate with customers, how to write attractive copywriting, how to develop marketing strategies to maximize revenue, how to identify the bad guys on the network, and so on.

Actually, at first I knew she was doing micro-business. I was worried about her delaying her study on the one hand, and her early engagement in business activities at a young age, which was not conducive to her growth. Ji told reporters that although she had concerns, she did not immediately stop the children, but first observed silently for a period of time, I can feel that she made a lot of efforts in doing micro-business, but also saw her perseverance and responsibility, especially in the process of training her abilities in all aspects. So I decided to support her.

Although they decided to support him, their parents set a bottom line for Xiao Ji: first, they should grasp the scale and put learning first; second, they should abide by relevant laws to ensure the quality of agency products and not sell three products; third, they should pay attention to network security and self-protection, and communicate with their parents when they encounter problems; finally, they should maintain good quality. Good mindset, not money first.

Xiao Ji also tried his best to reassure his parents with practical actions. From Monday to Friday at school, she will not touch her mobile phone, but will use it after the weekend when she ensures that her homework is finished. In the second year of junior middle school, because of the fluctuation of her grades, she voluntarily gives her mobile phone to her parents to keep her whole-hearted study. In the last semester of junior third, she temporarily shuts down to ensure the progress of her study.

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