To evade hair drug testing, handsome men of the 90s shave their bald heads before wearing wigs

 To evade hair drug testing, handsome men of the 90s shave their bald heads before wearing wigs

Why did a handsome man after 90 in Quzhou take the initiative to shave a bald head and wear a wig? On July 25, the police station of Qujiang Branch of Quzhou Public Security Bureau explained to Qian Bao reporter the reasons behind this strange incident.

Tong Mou, a post-90s student, was captured by the police station for drug abuse for many times, and was forced to isolate and detoxify in August 2016. After removing compulsory isolation and detoxification in March 2018, she became a community rehabilitation worker. Every three months, anti-drug social workers collect hair for drug testing.

In the first half of 2019, Tong Mou and his friends went to Yunnan to do business, and then became the focus of attention of the police station. In June of the same year, Tong Mou returned from Yunnan to Quzhou for drug testing. Drug control social workers collected Tong Mous back pillow hair and sent it to Qujiang Branch of Quzhou Public Security Bureau for drug composition identification. On June 28, the identification results showed that there were toxic ingredients in a childs hair. But at that time, Tong Mou had returned to Yunnan, so the 20-li police station and the Anti-Drug Office carried out an emergency recall of Tong Mou. But Tong refused to return, and did not return to Quzhou until July 20, and reported to the District Drug Control Office the next day. After receiving the news from UNODC, the police station of Shili immediately took Tongmou back to the case handling area.

All procedures in the case-handling area proceeded smoothly in accordance with the regulations. However, when the police re-collected Tong Mous hair, something happened that made the police cry and laugh.

When the police Shu Huan collected Tongmous back pillow hair, they found that the hair texture was not the same as before, and the back part of the head had a circle of hair protruding slightly. Shu Huan felt that something was wrong, so he pulled the hair of the protruding part of a childs back skull upward, and the whole scalp bulged up! Zhu Zhiqing, deputy director, saw the situation and grabbed a piece of Tongs hair on the top of his head. A wig piece with double-sided glue was raised.

Originally, in order to pass the inspection, Tong Mou simply cut a Mediterranean hairstyle, and wear a wig hoping to fool through, the result is still unable to escape the police inspection.

On July 21, drug-containing ingredients were detected in Tongmous hair, which was extracted by the police. Tongmou had no objection to the appraisal opinion. According to Tong Mous statement, in April 2019, he smoked drugs provided by others for two consecutive days in a bar and a rental room in Yunnan Province. Now Tongmou has been sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days by Qujiang Branch of Quzhou Public Security Bureau.

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