65,000 suspects of buying and selling children argue that they are good money to help themselves.

 65,000 suspects of buying and selling children argue that they are good money to help themselves.

On June 11, 2019, the Cixian Procuratorate of Hebei Province held a special case analysis meeting on abduction and trafficking of children. It combed the thoughts of case analysis and evidence review on several cases handled by the hospital in recent years, formulated relevant measures for the placement of abducted children and the prevention of such crimes, and joined forces with public security, courts, civil affairs, education, health and other departments. Collaboration should be carried out to combat and prevent the crime of child abduction and trafficking from various aspects.

On October 31, 2018, Wu Mou and Zhang Mou, who were indicted by Cixian Procuratorate, were sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment with two yearsprobation for the crime of buying and selling children, four years for the crime of abducting and selling children, Chang Mou and Cai Mou for the crime of abducting and selling children. Three yearsimprisonment and three years probation. One of the defendants appealed to Handan Intermediate Court for excessive sentencing. In March 2019, Handan Intermediate Court made a second instance ruling on the case of Wu Mou and Zhang Mou suspected of kidnapping and selling children. It ruled that the appeal was rejected and the original judgment was maintained.

On December 28, 2017, Wu came to the police station with a boy who claimed to have been picked up at the entrance of the pig farm to register the boy. In order to convince the police, Wu also produced certificates from pig farm workers and village cadres. But the boys slightly old clothes and Wu Mous skillful action to coax the children make the police confused. In constant questioning, Wu finally told the true origin of the child. Originally, Wu was unable to bear children because of physical reasons after marriage, so he wanted to raise a child. Three months ago, cousin Cai Mou of Wu heard that a relative in Changmou village had just given birth to a boy, but did not want to raise him. So, under the tie-up of Caimou and Changmou, Wu Mou gave his mother Zhangmou 65,000 yuan good money, and then he brought a boy from Zhangmou who was only eight days old.

After the case was transferred to Cixian Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, the procurator in charge of the case brought four suspects to trial at the first time. Four of them had no objection to the basic fact that Wu had a baby boy from Zhang, but denied that 65,000 yuan was the money for buying and selling children. Zhang said that because he was weak and sick, the cost of living of two older children owed a large amount of foreign debt, and was unable to support the newborn child, so the child was given to Wu who had better economic conditions to support. 65,000 yuan was Wu Mous good money to relieve himself. Wu said that he knew that Zhangs life was very difficult. He was kind enough to help her tide over the difficulties. It had nothing to do with taking the baby away. The middleman Cai Mou and Chang Mou claimed that they wanted Zhang Mous children to go to Wu Mous family for a good life. Out of kindness, they were only responsible for passing the word in the middle. They did not know what the 65,000 yuan was.

Is it true that they have wronged good-hearted people, as the four of them said? Since Zhang Mous economic condition is so difficult and she is weak and sick, why does she have a third child? The boy was taken away on the eighth day of his birth. When did Zhang Mou first have the idea of not having children? Has Zhang contacted other people to raise children? How much do Zhang and Wu know each other? How did you get a total of 65,000 yuan? What is the specific content of the middlemans message? This series of questions filled the procurators mind. As a result, the procurator began to reorganize the evidence of the case, and listed a detailed outline of the supplementary investigation, which was supplemented by the public security organs. At the same time, the procurator undertook a field visit to Zhangs family and village.

After supplementary investigation and visits, the case became clearer and clearer. Zhang Mous family is in poor economic condition, with a foreign debt of 450,000 yuan. Her husband works abroad. Zhang Mou told the people around him when he was six months pregnant that he would send his children to be raised. A neighbour proved that she had introduced a middle school teacher in the county town, and she refused when she heard that the other party could not afford money; Zhang Mou-ma said, There was a person in the next village who gave 80,000 yuan, she disliked being too close and worried that her children would meet when they were older; Cai Mou and Chang Mou, the intermediaries, testified that when they were talking, Zhang Mou first offered a price of 65,000 yuan. After negotiation, Wu agreed to the price. Several witnesses testified that Wu only heard that Zhangs family conditions were general, while Zhang only knew the others surname and lived in a certain town, and they knew nothing about each others other.

After the case was clear, the prosecutor interrogated Zhang again. When Zhang Mou in the iron window saw a close-up photo of the child in the prosecutors mobile phone, he burst into tears. Zhang Mou, whose psychological defense line collapsed, said that he had sold his own son. Zhang Mou lost money in business in recent years. Husbands huge compensation for traffic accidents made the family worse. Unexpected pregnancy gave her the idea of earning money by selling her children. So during pregnancy, she asked her relatives and neighbors to help her find a family with a slightly distance and a suitable price. During the period, there were several people who wanted children, but they didnt get together. To meet Wu Mou, the two sides hit it off. Next, the intermediary also confessed the facts of the case and finally confessed to Wu Mou, who was questioned by the prosecutor.

Twelve abducted and sold children and bought abducted children in Shanxi Province were re-sentenced: two were sentenced to death

Beginning in 2015, Shanxi defendants Wang Xiee, Liu Lipings mother and daughter and some family members bought a large number of babies by various means in order to seek illegal interests, and sent them to Shandong for sale through Shandong defendants Wang Chuanbin, Li Xiushan and Xu Qingquan. Xu Qingquan, Yan Xiaofu and Chen Guangzhou, the defendants of Shandong nationality, knew that they were trafficked children, still bought them or helped their relatives buy them for adoption.