Song Huiqiaofang sues rumorers during divorce: hoping to stop hurting and suffering

 Song Huiqiaofang sues rumorers during divorce: hoping to stop hurting and suffering

According to Korean media reports, on July 25, Song Huiqiao said that he would take legal measures against the propagators of rumors in the process of divorce with Song Zhongji, and said: I hope to stop using words to bring harm and suffering to others.

Song Huiqiao appeared in a business activity early this month after the divorce news came out. Picture/Visual China

UAA, its brokerage company, said the evidence had been collected and prosecuted most of the disseminators who disseminated false facts, malicious libel and abuse. Later, after obtaining evidence, the other communities, replies and other related personnel will also be prosecuted.

In 2016, Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao had a love affair because of their cooperation in The Suns Descendants. On October 31, 2017, Shuangsong held a wedding in Seoul. Since then, rumors of their divorce have continued.

On June 27, Song Zhongji announced his divorce, saying he would not blame each other for who was right or wrong. Subsequently, Song Huiqiaos brokerage company also responded, saying in a statement that the main reason for their divorce was personality incompatibility.

On July 22, the Seoul Family Court opened a court session to mediate the divorce between Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao. They divorced according to law. The woman announced that she would not take on new plays in the second half of the year. UAA, Song Huiqiaos brokerage company, disclosed that the divorced parties have no problems of spiritual loss fees and property division, and the mediation procedure has ended.

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