The new owner took over the intermediary company 20 days ago and lost the connection involving more than 200,000 yuan.

 The new owner took over the intermediary company 20 days ago and lost the connection involving more than 200,000 yuan.

Just as the rent arrears of Lega Apartment in Hangzhou were boiling, another intermediary company in Hangzhou had an accident.

July 15, was originally the day when the intermediary company paid the next quarters rent to Wang Dong (pseudonym). Until 10 p.m. before the rent, Wang Dong couldnt help calling the salesman, but found that he had been shut down.

Wang Dong, who felt something strange, ran directly to 52 Stadium Road the next day. He was silly at first sight: he saw a lock on the door of the intermediary company, and through the glass door he could see that the inside was empty.

This intermediary company is called Hangzhou Suijin Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. Over the past few days, tenants and owners have found that it is too late.

4,200 yuan/month check-in to landlord

Rent 3600 yuan per month to tenants

Last April, I gave a two-bedroom trusteeship in Shuyuan to Hangzhou Suijin. The trusteeship period was 2 years. The rent was 4,200 yuan per month, one quarter a year, and one month a year for vacancy. Wang Dong said that the reason why he chose to trust Hangzhou Speedbrocade was that the intermediary store was only one way away from the community, and that the rent was slightly higher than other intermediaries.

Wang Dong said that in the first year, intermediaries paid on time, not later than 8 p.m. on the day of payment, until July this year, intermediaries lost contact.

In desperation, Wang Dong found the tenant directly. The tenant presented the rental contract to Wang Dong. I signed the rental contract with the intermediary company on April 9. I rented it for half a year. The rent was 3600 yuan per month. The rent period lasted until October 9. On the day of signing the contract, I paid six monthsrent and one months rent as deposit.

In the past, the salesman of the intermediary company complained to me that the rent of my apartment had been raised. They rented it out at a loss. I thought they were just saying it casually, but I didnt expect it to happen. Wang Dong said that Hangzhou Speed Brocade is a small intermediary, if not high prices, it will probably not receive housing. In addition, the high price of housing is also related to its misjudgement of the rental market situation. At the beginning, the house collector told me clearly that they could not rent 4,200 yuan a month in the first year, but they should be able to rent in the second year. Unexpectedly, the rent in the second year was not as good as that in the first year.

Data show that in the past year, the rent of Hangzhou has changed from the trend of rapid rise in previous years. In some areas, the rent even fell slightly due to the over-concentration of housing resources.

The new boss suddenly lost touch after taking over.

It involves more than 200,000 yuan of capital.

The landlord of 52 Stadium Road said, In September 2017, the agent rented my house and signed the contract for two years. They should have moved on July 1. They left without telling me when they moved. They sneaked away.

Tian Eye Check shows that Hangzhou Suijin Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. was registered in May 2017. It was registered in Dongxin Street of Xiacheng District. There were three shareholders when it was founded, one of them withdrew in August of that year. On June 12, this year, shareholders changed. The original two shareholders all withdrew. The new shareholder, Jiang Mou, holds 99% of the shares, which is the actual person in charge at present.

Huang Mou, the former legal representative of Hangzhou Speedbrocade, was found by the reporter. He told the reporter: Several of us have set up this intermediary in partnership. Because of the bad market and the high rent of the incoming housing resources, the entrusted rental business is basically not profitable. The company is mainly supported by other intermediary business. Later, we decided to change our profession and transferred the company to others on June 12. Huang Mou said that although the company does not make money, because of its small size and no problems in the capital chain, the rents paid in advance to the tenants are still on the companys account, together with the company transferred to the new shareholders.

When the company transfers, it entrusts about 20 sets of housing. Most of the rents are paid to tenants quarterly, and some half a year. The monthly rent is about 4000 yuan. If the rent for each apartment is not paid to the landlord for about two months, plus the deposit of the tenant, the total amount is over 200,000 yuan. I dont understand the boss who took over. He ran away for such a little money. Huang told reporters that he could not understand why Jiang did so. Over the past few days, he has been in contact with Jiang Mou, but no results.

Tian Eye Check also shows that besides Hangzhou Speedbrocade, Jiangs name also has a property company, which was founded in January this year. Is it premeditated or insidious to take over the intermediary company and leave the building empty in only 20 days?

Landlords and tenants are victims

The rights and interests of tenants are protected by law

When the reporter arrived at Chaoming police station, the people of the police station warned the reporter: Since the beginning of this month, we have received many warnings from tenants that they paid rent to Hangzhou Speedbrocade Company, but the landlord said that they had not received rent and wanted to drive them out. The policeman said that 110 has recently come to the door to deal with many disputes arising from this, but he suggested that such consumer rights disputes should be complained to the market regulatory authorities.

At present, we have received complaints from three tenants. These days we have been contacting the head of Hangzhou Speed Brocade, but we cant. Landlords and tenants are victims, and we can only coordinate their disputes. If coordination fails, it is suggested to take the legal approach. Fu Mingliang, deputy director of Dongxin Market Supervision and Management Bureau in Xiacheng District, told reporters.

The landlord thinks that he has not received the rent and expels the tenant out justly; the tenant thinks that he has paid the rent and has the right to continue living. What are the provisions of the law?

Because of the trusteeship agreement, the landlord authorized the intermediary to rent the house out. In fact, there is no direct contract relationship between the landlord and the tenant. Landlords and intermediaries, intermediaries and tenants, the two contractual relationships can not be confused. Lawyer Wang Zhenxiang of Zhejiang Liuhe Law Firm believes that the main obligation to pay rent to the landlord is the intermediary company rather than the tenant. The landlord thinks that the tenant should be driven away without receiving the rent, which is not justified in legal theory.

In the case of the intermediary running, if the tenant has paid the intermediary rent for three months in advance and can get the payment voucher, then the landlord can only collect the house after three months. As for how to get the rent for these three months, the landlord can sue the intermediary company. Of course, the same is true of the deposit paid by the tenant to the intermediary company, which can only be asked by the intermediary company. It can not be said that if the deposit can not be recovered, the tenant can stay for another month. Wang Zhenxiang explained.

However, Wang Zhenxiang also admitted that due to the low amount involved, such disputes did not end up in court, landlord tenants negotiated a step backwards, and shared losses were more common.

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