The owner of more than 40 franchise stores was a fugitive who had hidden the murder for 30 years.

 The owner of more than 40 franchise stores was a fugitive who had hidden the murder for 30 years.

After years of operation, we have created local famous snacks with a good reputation. There are more than 40 franchise stores under our banner.

In everyones eyes, this millions-year-old boss is full of justice and humanity, love his wife and protect his children.

Nobody knows. On the other hand, he is a fugitive who fled for 30 years.

On July 16, when he was captured by Wenzhou Yongjia police, he unloaded his camouflage for many years. The accumulated case of injuries and deaths caused by disputes 30 years ago was finally solved.

Because a lighter committed a homicide

Play cotton first and then be a brother at night

In 1989, Xu Mou, 23, had married and had children. On May 27, 1989, Xu found a lighter, which was a luxury brand at that time.

Xu Mou was found by Chen Mou, who claimed to be the owner. Xu Mou ignored it at that time. Later, Chen Mou found Xu Mous father-in-laws house, and the battle was very noisy.

In this way, because of a lighter, impulsive Xu Mou will claim to be the owner of Chen Mou injury to death.

Subsequently, Xu Mou began to flee for 30 years and missed the important moment in his life, when his father died and his children got married.

Xu Modong hides in Tibet and runs to Suizhou. As soon as I hear the sound of a police car, I will immediately find a place to hide, mostly in the grass.

Over the years, he lived by his old skill of playing cotton. It doesnt make much money, but its easy to hide your identity.

Then he went to Jiangxi and learned to drive. In order to better invisibility, he became a brother at night and went out from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Night became his best protective color.

My brother knows a lot of people. Sometimes he meets lawyers or legal workers. Xu also asks them how to judge similar homicides.

Sometimes when he reads a newspaper and finds a homicide similar to his own, he also pays close attention to it, because he knows its sooner or later to be arrested.

When theres nowhere to escape, Ill make an appointment with my father in advance to meet him and talk to him. Xu Mou mentioned his father most, but with the death of his father and the divorce of his wandering wife, he lost the most trusted person, and the road to escape was extremely difficult.

Change name to boss

More than 40 franchise stores with annual revenue of millions

Because of a change in household registration policy, Xu changed his name to Lumou.

With his identity, he met his present wife. Shes the one Im most ashamed of right now. Speaking of his current wife, Xu is full of guilt.

After getting acquainted with his wife, they began to do catering business together. Xu Mou, who has a business mind, did better and better. His shop also became a well-known local snack shop in Jiangxi, with more than 40 franchise stores and annual income of more than 1 million yuan.

Business is better and better, out of instinct and out of debt to family members and children, Xu Mou is particularly good to his family. He purchased two children from his ex-wife and three children from his current family. Watching every child start a family and start a business is the only thing he feels comfortable about.

Until the incident, his wife and children did not know that Xu actually hid such a big secret. In their eyes, Xu Mou has no other shortcomings except his bad temper.

I am different from others. This is Xu Mou said the most. Im so tired of hiding that I always disguise myself. Sometimes when I cant stand it, I lose my temper, but no one knows the real reason why I lose my temper.

For 30 years, Xu Mou has been entangled in surrender or not surrender. Many times, he almost stepped into the gate of the public security bureau, but he turned around and gave up.

To find suspicious loopholes when combing homicide cases

A household register is the key clue to solve the case.

Despite years of homicide, Yongjia police have not abandoned the pursuit.

In sorting out the homicide cases, the police turned over the yellowing cases, as long as they have enough patience, there will always be the truth.

Father-in-law - When the police saw the two words in the transcript of the conversation, they thought Xu must have a wife, and then began to investigate from the household registration.

Officer Xu, the police officer in charge of the police, kept turning around in the household registration archives, and really found clues from the yellowing and altered old booklets.

Through the census register, the police found a clue to Xus wife. Through technical analysis, the police quickly found a breakthrough. Xu Mou had a wife and children. Although these were not shown in the case, the police found Xu Mous traces. He was renamed Lu Mou and hid in Jiangxi.

Yongjia police quickly dispatched to Jiangxi, crouched overnight, and finally captured it in a restaurant in Xumou.

Ive imagined countless times when I was caught, but when I was caught, my spirit finally relaxed. Xu said that the only thing he owes is his current wife, hiding for so long, but she has full confidence in me, to be able to get her understanding is what I most hope for now.

After 30 years of fleeing and 30 years of hiding, Xu Mou was relieved that he could understand all the hardships only by himself.

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