My daughter suffers from a rare disease and my brother-in-law commits suicide. Vanished for many years, the 35-year-old goalkeeper started at Liverpool!

 My daughter suffers from a rare disease and my brother-in-law commits suicide. Vanished for many years, the 35-year-old goalkeeper started at Liverpool!

In this way, Looney Gan, wearing the No. 75 shirt, magically appeared in the starting line-up of Liverpool and Sevilla. Not only that, but he also made a brilliant save in 45 minutes of his appearance and became a hot topic for Liverpool fans. Some even wrote on the social platform, You can sign him directly!

What an inspiring story it is to be 35 years old and be able to sign the Champions League champions!

No matter where Ronagans next stop will go, guarding Liverpools gates will undoubtedly be his unforgettable experience for life. After all, after 19 years of professional football and all kinds of ups and downs on and off the pitch, the 35-year-old can still be invited by the Red Army, which clearly proves Loonegans strength as a player.

Ronagan, 1.93 metres tall, was born in Preston, Lancashire. Hes also an enthusiastic follower of Preston, and, more fortunately, the first club Ronagan played for was Preston.

In the 2000-01 season, Moyes, who was also coaching at Preston, gave the 16-year-old Ronagan the chance to make his first professional appearance. In the Carling Cup with Coventry, Ronagan realized his childhood dream and guarded the door for Preston. Then, he got another chance to play in the league. With these two spectacular performances, Loonegan was elected the best young player of the year in Preston.

In order to enable young Ronagan to accumulate competition experience, Preston has loaned him to Linton, Wilcombe exercise, from the low-level League after the return of Ronagan quickly became Prestons number one goalkeeper. After the team returned to the Champions League in 2004, Ronagan has been the absolute mainstay of Preston for the rest of the season, except for a short period of substitution, and has stayed with the team until 2011.

During this period, Ronagan has always been one of the fansfavorite players, playing steadily, and he has twice been elected Preston Player of the Year. Darren Ferguson, the son of Sir Alex Ferguson, a former Preston manager, once told the English media that Ronagan is the strongest goalkeeper in the Champions League. His strength is obviously underestimated. In my opinion, he is worth at least 20 million pounds.

In 2011, Loonegan ushered in a turning point in his career. As Leedsmain goalkeeper Schmeichel joined Leicester City, Leeds, in urgent need of a replacement, saw Loonegan play well for a long time. After some struggle, Loonegan decided to change his environment and leave his home club, which had served for many years.

However, with time, Ronagan may regret his decision. After leaving his hometown, his career began to decline. After only one season in Leeds, he was sold to Bolton. But at Bolton, he is not absolutely the main force.

Later, Ronagan played for Fulham, Wolves and Middlesbrough, but never returned to Preston. In the summer of 2018, after signing a one-year contract with Middlesbrough, he made only two appearances for the team in the Cup. He had almost no ball to play. He was also on loan to the League A club Rodgville for seven league matches.

At the end of June, after a one-year contract expired, Middleburg did not choose to renew his contract with Ronagan, which made him a free agent at the age of 35. For a long time, fans have blamed his decision to leave Preston for Ronagans decline, which may account for a part of it, but few people have noticed how great changes have taken place in Ronagans family during this period.

It has to be said that after the decline of the state and the familys misfortune, Loonegan can still continue to adhere to his beloved football career, in fact, it has been quite remarkable. And to be invited by Liverpool, even if it was just a short trip to the United States, would undoubtedly make Ronagan a hero in the eyes of fans.